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PM shuffles India visit with the one to China on the cards soon

Staff Writer, KATHMANDU: Prime Minister K P Oli has shown every promise of being made of sterner stuff now in full demo in dealing with traditional tormentor in the garb of friend, India.

He has only on Sunday come out saying that he will be visiting China once he comes back from his upcoming visit to New Delhi, implying that Nepalese side have options when it comes to do serious business.

He is scheduled to visit New Delhi in what is being presented as “state” visit by the Indian side on February 19 for reasons mysterious in the wake of five-month blockade and untold misery faced by the Nepalese people.

The very fact that the Narendra Modi government in New Delhi has opted to upgrade the visit to “state” suggests the Indian side has perhaps realized the need to deal softly with Nepal since any harsh business-like attitude is likely be counter-productive.

More in the wake of Oli likely to be talking tough and not concerned even if Nepal-India relations worsen than they already have during the last four months.

Meanwhile in what only Oli can say in tempered vocabulary he has added that visit to both the countries will improve Nepal’s ties with respective countries in the long run.

Nepal and India may sign deals related to added Indian assistance and also come around paving the way in the implementation of joint power projects but that is not expected to stop Oli from upgrading relationship with China.

He is expected to visit Beijing in March and given what has come out of the ruling dispensation, Oli will be signing everything that is on table with the Chinese side including fast opening of more entrepot along northern border with China, thus linking nook and corner of the hilly region with China.

In what has come to light in recent months, even if the federal government in Kathmandu does not walk with China and upgrade trade and cooperation, the federal states in the northern region would be free to tap the assistance from the Chinese side.

Oli and his advisers too have time and again in recent days come out public saying Nepal will go ahead and sign treaty with China of long-term consequences that can help Nepal absorb shocks coming from periodic blockade by India.

In what is certainly due to the bitterness left behind by the Indian blockade, the provinces are waiting for the first opportunity to cash the opportunity once the constitution is consummated and provinces ready to function.

Meanwhile the tempo is rising in ways that even if the Oli led government goes out of office, the next government will have to pick up the thread and consummate the relationship and take it to the new height under pressure from the people now.

However as to how the Indian side will come up in talks ahead is not yet known although it is expected to try to do business with Nepal while allaying any fears of big brotherly nature.

Published Date: Monday, February 15th, 2016 | 11:09 PM

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