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A Petition To Grant TPS For Nepali American Campaign Lacks The Necessary Signature, Sanjita’s Access And Ability Could Make It

Purushottam Dhakal, Los Angeles: A doubt which has been created regarding the possibilities of getting Temporary Protective Status (TPS) facilities by Nepali communities as a petition to grant TPS for Nepal is lacking the necessary number of signature has been somehow erased. The newly appointed adviser of White House Sanjita Pradhan gave words that she will do her best using the access and abilities that she has for providing TPS. At this time when motherland is devastated by heavy earthquake, the Nepali American without having a valid legal document could visit their relatives and family member if this facility is granted, and they could also get the right to work in the USA and could travel frequently to their Motherland. However, the dilemma created by the lack of petition signature is somehow faded by the commitment of the newly appointed Obama’s Adviser Sanjita Pradhan.

SanjitaOn our conversation she said,” Nepalese American deserve this facility and to grant Temporary Protective Status to them I will utilize my access and ability to it’s ground to make it approach to President Barack Obama, Representative of White House who look South-Asia Region and with the high level White House Officials through dialogue and coordination.” She told that she has been involving with the activists of signature campaign for its approach and she even asked any interested organization which are working for the welfare of Nepalese American to have conversation ,coordination and contact with her through our media. She said, “ My responsibilities is to work for the Asian American and as Nepal is in this group I will definitely pay mine effort for its support.” Sanjita further remarked with raised volume,” For nearing the socialization of Nepalese American in a mainstream, granting rights and necessary supports and coordination for uplifting the community I will be always there.Please do contact me , write to me. I will try to address as far as possible.” On her own words she got this responsibilities because of her experiences of working for social justice , she clearly explained that her appointment is a kind of honorary one and need to work as a volunteer. Any kind of volunteer service to the welfare of the Nepalese American it’s her pleasure she further elaborated.
For reference the total number of signatures collected at the end of 28th may for the campaign initiated from New York to drag attention of the Department of Homeland Security to grant Temporary Protective Status (TPS) to Nepal due to the earthquake has reached just approximately 13% of the required number. The participation data is approximately reduced to 90% if we compare the data of active member of Nepalese- American welfare organization.
According to Dipak Gurung who has been staying in America since one decade without having legal document told us that almost 100 Thousand of Nepali American has supported in signature campaign to make them Prashant Tamang and Teriya Magar the Indian idol and top dancer but the sad thing is that for the social issue much bigger than those got very low participation. According to her this has definitely raised the big question mark regarding the unity among the members of Nepalese American communities. One senior Nepalese remarked that due to the negligence of those people who does politics in the name of Nepali American we couldn’t gathered the sufficient number of signatures in the TPS petition campaign. Diversed and splitted Nepali community could be another factor and there were no significant involvement and promotion on it by NRN USA too.

Dilli BhattaNepali origin American lawyer Dilli Raj Bhatta take it as normal and commented that in the thirty-day deadline almost 12 thousand signatures gathered to support the raised issue is an preliminary start, where as to gain support from American political arena could be another way. Likewise , formal request by Nepali embassy is the another achievement too. A combined signed memorandum by the all organization working for the welfare of Nepali American community is yet to be submitted and in this phase the role of Nepali-American communities and NRNA USA role will be more crucial too. He urged the NRNA USA to play important role if they believer consider themselves that they are for Nepali-American communities welfare.
Likewise, Honorary Consul of San Diego, California Mr. Rishi Dhakal, NRNA ICC member Rajendra Siwakoti , Vice-President of NRNA California chapter Ram Babu Pandey and Vice- Secretary of NRNA America Sangeeta ‘Lamsal’ Siwakoti had set up the desk at South California and actively involved till last day in gathering the signature required for getting TPS facilities. Likewise, the human rights activist and active journalist Shailesh Shrestha, Nepali American politician Harry Bhandari, the non-governmental organization “Adhikar” of New York city, President Of NRNA America Keshab Paudel,  Community Leader Sanjay Thapa and Milan Kumar Shahi have actively involved in TPS signature campaign through Various social media.

TPSThe initiator of the TPS petition Mr. Dilli Raj Bhatta requested every Nepali American to get united once again with each other as very soon on behalf of every Nepali American communities there going to present the memorandum to the Department of Home Land Security regarding the grant of TPS.

The Advantage of TPS Facility:
The American Government is underway in preparation to decide to provide the Temporary Protection Status (TPS) for those Nepalese staying illegally in the United States, the US government has been Issued such status previously to the people from those countries which has been suffering from natural disaster. If the US government provides this facility approximately ten thousand of asylums and nearly same number of students will get the work permit at least for 18 months and The Immigration Department will allow to visit their motherland as they wish.Likewise, the motherland will get the reorganization as the country affected by natural disaster , which will definitely help to priorities in term of providing different Aid. Mean while, American Foreign Minister John Kerry , about 45 Congressman of American Congress, 12 Senators including the Republican and several state Government has already urged The White House to provide Temporary Protected Status to Nepal.

(If you like to work for the Nepali American welfare ,then you can contact the Adviser of American President Sanjita Pradhan . You can contact her via the below email address:
Sanjita Pradhan
[email protected] )

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

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Information for Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point