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Optical fibres laid on 1,006 km length

KATHMANDU:- The government has intensified laying optical fibres in line with the ambition set by the Digital Nepal Framework.

Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has mobilized the Rural Telecommunications Development Fund to expand the broadband internet service across the country. Works on it have been completed in sixty districts under 15 packages out of 18. Similarly, fifty percent works completed in 10 districts under two packages.

On June 13, 2016, the NTA had decided to use the Fund in order reach the broadband internet service to the community schools, campus, health post, agriculture centre, tourism centre, each ward and public places. The internet service is launched in four districts via single package with the completion of more than 30 percent of works.

Even the monitoring and evaluation of the six projects was conducted, said NTA Spokesperson, Santosh Poudel. Similarly, monitoring and evaluation of two projects was also underway.

The NTA further said mid-hill highway and district headquarters are being connected to internet under the information superhighway project.

Under the first package (Province 1, 2 and Bagmati Province), works have been launched by forging agreement with Nepal Telecom. As per agreement, extension of optical fibres would complete in two years.

So far, the optical fibres have been laid on 1,006-km (46.16%) length. Under the first package, agreement was made to lay the optical fibres on 2,179-km length.


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