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Oli has enough reasons to smile meanwhile

Staff Writer, KATHMANDU: Prime Minister K P Oli, who is returning today from the six-day long India visit, must be the least worried man when he lands at the TIA. This incidentally is a departure from what his predecessors used to suffer at the end of similar visit down south.

The reason being not only was he treated well in India but also came unscathed from what usually turns out to be an ordeal by fire for Nepalese leaders, who come back with baggage that tends to haunt them for years.

Yet P M Oli does appear to be indeed coming with unannounced baggage something that appears to be true given what his Indian counterpart Prime Minister Narendra Modi left unsaid in his speech. Modi, an excellent public speaker, said ” we have talked a talk a lot” without enumerating what and that’s mystifying.

That sounds chilling enough and will be known pretty soon. And given the speculation regarding possible restoration of monarchy under Indian mediation no one in the world will blame Oli for it since that is simply higher politics for which he alone will not be blamed.

The whole cast of Nepalese political parties and their leaders will be left to swallow the humiliation and fall in line. That can safely be attributed to corruption and incompetence and spineless politicians and above all the national destiny.

The fact that Oli could be coming with secret agenda becomes evident from the way his coalition ally Prachanda is boiling since a day or two. But Oli came up with an answer saying no one should react without knowing while talking with reporter in far off Mumbai where he managed to hobnob with Indian industry and Bollywood players.

His visit to Modi country in Gujrat and Mumbai was a token of Indian bid to pamper Nepalese people after punishing them for over five months. But blockade does not seem to have been removed altogether following revelation that IOC can meet only 70 percent of oil demand.

Meanwhile his greatness lies in standing the ground and telling Modi to leave Nepal alone and let it sort out its problems by itself and adding in the same breathe Nepal does not want to differentiate between China and India as allies while not playing one against the other in cut and dry conversation.

And luckily enough Oli was in a position to say this after his policy to strangle Nepal failed miserably and blew up on the faces of Indian intelligence agencies and what they call babus in New Delhi and who rule foreign and home ministries.

Oli has good news waiting him home, though. That came in the form of Chinese billionaire Huang Ming announcing massive investment in Nepal and popularize use of solar energy even in nook and corner of the country, thus helping fighting energy crunch that crippled Nepal recent months.

The announcement, as the local press billed, is a game-changer. Not only this, the Chinese side have offered to sell fuel to Nepal at prices lower than Indians are selling. Add to that China visit is likely to culminate in Nepal and China entering comprehensive treaties that will render India as an alternative arrangement in worst of times.

With everything remaining constant between Nepal and India, thicker friendship with China coupled with investment will leave India to raise its level of investment and friendship to new height while also coming out clean on the nature of token.

Things appear to be coming full circle between Nepal and India, with the latter left to fret enhanced level of engagement between Nepal and China something that was behind Indian blockade on Nepal, among other hidden agenda, which will unfold sooner than later, though.

:: Leaders welcome Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli in Gujarat on Tuesday, February 23, 2016. (Photo: RSS)

Published Date: Wednesday, February 24th, 2016 | 10:59 PM

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