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US based Nepali Organizations Involved in Human Trafficking

Kishor Panthi, New York (Exclusive): Some years before a Nepali CA member applied to go America in pretext of attending ANA Conference with some duplicate papers. While verifying it the consular department knew it was duplicate and rejected his proposal but the suborned CA member claimed it was original. Upon his claim the embassy requested him to make the organizer call the embassy and inform about the event rejecting to give him visa. Then the CA member ringed Interim President of ANA Mr. Chhewang Sherpa Lama and explained all the events and requested him to inform the embassy that all those papers were original. Mr. Lama also rejected his request and denied to make any call to the embassy.

          American based Nepali Organization collected two thousand dollar from dozens of Nepalese people in the pretext of organizing an event in Boston. Neither there was any programme scheduled there nor hall were booked there. But the application was presented before the Embassy in Kathmandu in a duplicate letterhead. The Embassy too rejected to give visa to all the applicants except one. The one who got the visa flew there and settled there. There was no programmes organized there so there was no question about attending the programme.

          Some times before President of Nepal America Journalist Union (NEJA) Mr. Gautam Dahal sent an invitation letter for the participation in the convention of NEJA abusing the rule of organization. His request was not know to his working committee. On the basis of the invitation others including Mr. Dahal applied for the visa but some of them got the visa whereas some didn’t. Those who got the visa flew America but they didn’t participate in the convention of the Union as they have abused the invitation of Union to go America.


  Above mentioned events are just the representative events. This sort of events recurred timely in Nepalese society there in America. When there is some programmes in America then participants are sent to America from various organization without pre-information to the working committee of that particular organization. Some of them are sent there on the basis of kinship or closeness or some are charged some amount for the purpose. Nepalese agencies also are supporting them and is acting as the her behind the curtain and are successful in providing visa to them. In this way they are smuggling humans under the nose of organization whose letterheads is allegedly used without leaving any hints to the working committee of the organization.

          The first scenario is the perfect example and a event which verifies the incident that is happening without the elapse of time. If the organizer which is organizing any events or programmes in America remains unaware then human traffickers would make it an good source of income as well as would be encouraged to continue the smuggling of humans. Beside the technique of trafficking of humans in the pretext of attending programmes abroad there is another way of taking them abroad which is practiced often by the traffickers. In order to send people abroad there is a trend of establishing various organizations and creating letters of the programmes that is not scheduled to be organized. The middle man also charge big amount from the people who shows interest to go America in such pretexts. Because of the gods grace some of them gets visa to go America but those who fails to get the visa have to give away the money as the middle class man never returns it. The second event above is one of the event which proves the trend. This sort of trends is prevalent in most of the organizations and they are running two organizations in the name of one. One with the objective to show society that no one could point finger upon them the other is the organization active in human trafficking.

          Some years before Actors and Actress of Nepal also use to pay huge amount to go America. Ultimately the American Embassy of Kathmandu then tighten to give P3 visa to actors. A controversy have emerged because of the event organized by Ridgewood Nepali Society. It have organized “Shreemad Bhagwad Gyan Mahayagya” in America and hence have declared that it would not issue letter of invitation to anyone to participate in the procession. This statement also was clarified by the Secretary of the organization Mr. Sahakul Khatri and thus claimed that not a single letter was issued in anyone’s name from the organization. He have claimed that inviting people from Nepal might create fuss and to prevent the controversy invitation was not sent. But a weekly newspaper “Khosakhos” reviled a invitation letter which proved that a person was invited to the event. There was signature of the President of Ridgewood Nepali Society and it was written to American Embassy in Kathmandu. It was subjected that the invitee was coming America to attend Peace Rally in America and the guests expenses would be sponsored by the organization. When the secretary of the organization came to know about this he was freezed in shock. A copy of the letter was shown to him in order to verify it whether it was the original signature of the chairman or not and thus it was proved to be original. He was astonished and was shocked to know that a letter was issued without informing the working committee of the organization. On the other hand the in charge of the programme Mr. Janak Bhandari disclosed that a letter was issued upon the request made by “Tahal Kishor ji Maharaj”. He further claimed that he was approved as a actor but it was not subjected in the letter made to the embassy. Instead he is invited as a participant in the peace rally to be organized there.

The procession that was to be held in Ridgewood was for worship of “Brihaspati” but astrologists claims that the time when the procession is scheduled is not the appropriate time for the procession as Brihaspati would remain inactive at that time. “According to Hindu mythology the time duration from 12th July, 2014 to 4th August 2014 is termed to be worst for any religious procession to be made”– Astrologist Pandit Dhurba Raj Shastri said. He further added “The Sun is power house in our solar system. When other planets approaches sun then they loose their power. At that time any religious procession are not to be made. Religious works such as digging of well, setting the base of a hose, starting of fasting, marriage, homs and yagyas and other activities are prevented to be done. Brihaspati is also regarded as teacher of all deities, when the teacher is inactive then the gods also would not accept the worships. They get angry over it and the worshiper have negative impact instead.” But if a person or worshiper does a special kind of worship at this time then the religious activities can be done without any fear. The organization Ridgewood Nepali Society also claims that they are organizing the processing by worshiping Brihaspati.

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

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Information for Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point