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Nepal’s weather improves, heavy rain unlikely ahead

(Shuklaphanta Municipality-12, a suspension bridge built over the Vanhara River at high risk of flooding. River water is rapidly eroding land in the area where the bridge was built. August 31, 2021. Photo: Rajendra Prasad Paneru RSS)

KATHMANDU:- Weather has slightly improved as monsoon which had been active since the past few days has become weak. Monsoon trough which was closer to the Tarai southern plains has now shifted towards the south, thwarting the intensity of monsoon.
According to the Meteorological Forecasting Division, Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, monsoon trough has left its average location.
Meteorologist Sabina Shakya said monsoon would remain in its moderate state for the next few days and continuous heavy rain is not likely during that period. It will be relatively clearer in the morning and there are chances of light to moderate rainfall with generally cloudy in the afternoon due to impact of wind carrying water vapor originating from the Bay of Bengal.
Currently, the weather is generally cloudy across the country and light to moderate rainfall is taking place at some parts of the Province 1, Gandaki Province, Karnali Province and the Sudurpaschim Province.
Likewise, on Wednesday, light to moderate thunder shower has been predicted at some places with generally cloudy weather across the country.
According to the Division’s latest updates, the minimum temperature of the Kathmandu Valley was 19.6 degrees Celsius today followed by 28.0 degrees Celsius of the maximum temperature. Jumla, a district in the Karnali Province, reported the lowest 14.8 degree Celsius temperature today while Dhangadhi in the Sudurpashim Province reported the highest 29.5 degrees Celsius across the country.

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