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Nepal’s Sate 2 invests five million in old-age home construction project

chief minister Lal Babu Raut laid a foundation stone

BIRGUNJ: Nepal’s State 2 chief minister Lal Babu Raut laid a foundation stone of an old-age home going to be constructed at Nagawa of Birgunj amidst a programe today. The state government is investing five million rupees in the two-storey facility meant for the service of senior citizens.
On the occasion, the chief minister was of the view that the old-age home would help the society keep balanced. He said the state government would never move back for the investment in senior citizens who had significantly contributed for the cause of the nation and society by giving their valuable time.
Old-age Home Construction Committee chair Krishna Shrestha said it would cost a total Rs 41 million to conclude the project and the state government has invested five million. The remaining budget will be managed through the funds raising drive.

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