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Nepal’s community school awarded International School Award

KATHMANDU: Not allowing students go outside, entering the classroom with stout stick in one hand and a book in another, compelling them for rot learning of contents in every page; Are not these obsolete method of teaching students? Such teaching –learning practices are widely pervasive in school education of our country.
However, Vijaya Samudayik Siksha Sadan – a community co-operative school based in Gaindakot, Nawalparasi – is an exception.
Students scattered here and there on the school premises; some were busy cutting straw in to small pieces, some others were carrying laptops and showing the activities to the students of other school in foreign lands. One may think all these activities a bizarre and unusual at school.
Questions were being raised for permitting students go outside and do different things instead of keeping them inside the classroom and teaching them book’s lessons.
In fact, the students were translating theoretical knowledge and ideas learnt in classroom on producing mushroom. .
VSSS, one of the reputed schools of the area, has gained an opportunity to participate in the ongoing International School Award (ISA) – an initiative being executed by the British Council.
To take part in the race has provided an impetus to the students for carrying out research, observation and learning by doing, said school principal Ram Chandra Neupane “Students are happy to have opportunity to get connected in innovative learning activities”.
VSSS Chief Executive Khem Raj Sapkota added, “The race has further encouraged us to produce more competent and cognitive human resource which can compete in national and international arena by launching technology-mediated modern and applied pedagogy in teaching learning activities”.
Likewise, Rekha Shrestha, vice principal and the ISA coordinator said ” Under the ISA, we have put forth nine different projects, including Biography of National Hero, carve image on rock, joy of profession. and we are close to our destination this year”.
The school is conscious about delivering multi-dimensional aspects of education being focused on transformative learning of students. “The school is providing students with an environment conducive to learning beign not limited to ISA projects”, principal Acharya added.
Students are doing different creative activities in groups ranging from producing different seasonal vegetables and herbal plants to making public aware on savings, forming savings groups and and providing support to the helpless people.

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