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Nepal’s communications Ministry achieves 90 per cent progress

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has urged office-bearers of its subordinate bodies to implement their programmes following the annual action plan.
Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Gokul Prasad Banskota, directed them to conclude the remaining programmes of last fiscal year and to bring best result from the programmes determined for current fiscal year. Review was carried out about the progress and weakness over the commitments made last fiscal year at the annual progress evaluation of the fiscal year 2018/19 at the Ministry-level development problems resolution committee meeting on Monday.
On the occasion, Secretary at the Ministry, Mahendra Man Gurung said, “Last year became important in many ways. The government and subordinate bodies prepared a foundation with new activities.” Saying there was notable progress last year in view of clearance of arrears, Secretary Gurung said that progress reports submitted by different bodies have clearly shown legal and organisational reforms.
On the occasion, it was shared that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology had contributed around Rs 65 billion in total revenue collection of the country.
The Ministry also suggested its subordinate bodies to put its all activities related to budget, programmes and progress in their respective website.
Joint-Secretary at the Ministry, Radhika Aryal presented about Ministry’s annual budget allocation and progress details, policy and programme and progress of the programmes mentioned in budget programme, main annual programme and achievements, details about revenue and complaints and index mentioned in budget.
In average, the Ministry achieved 93.17 per cent progress including 93.17 per cent of overall current expenditure and 80.39 per cent in capital expenditure in the last fiscal year, according the Ministry. Internet service was connected at 318 local levels, 1574 ward offices, 1849 community schools and 1567 health institutions in the last fiscal year.
Optical fiber will be laid along the Mid-Hill Highway and surrounding districts to provide high speed internet service, and box office will be introduced in film theatres, according to the review. Directives on Management of Email in Government Agencies, 2075 have been implemented and a cyber-security monitoring center and a data center relating to disaster management have been set up in Hetauda. Likewise, minimum wages for working journalists have been increased by 25 per cent.
Nepal Telecom has completed 40 percent work of expanding telecommunication’s access and 4G service to 53 districts by setting up additional 464 networking towers.
Similarly on the occasion, chairperson of Rastriya Samachar Samiti Harihar Adhikari ‘Shyamal’ said RSS has focused on diversifying and delivering quality service by making changes in its organizational structure and working nature. “We are concentrating on news stories, not only on hard news. This job is quite difficult. For that, we have focused on providing training to RSS journalists. The tendency of cutting budget allocated for training for RSS staffs should be ended. Budget should be used for quality career development,” he said.
Joint secretary of the National Planning Commission, Kiran Rupakheti stressed the need for some sectors to focus on delivering quality service although the annual review indicates that the country is on track to achieve its goals of development.

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