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Nepal’s border security persons face hardship in freezing cold conditions

(File Photo: Armed Police Force (APF)’s border outpost (BOP) at Hilsa in the northern Namkha rural municipality of Humla.)

HUMLA:- The border security persons and people staying back for looking after the house at Hilsa are facing hard time in Namkha rural municipality with the increasing cold. The Karnali river has frozen.
The temperature at Hilsa, the border transit point with Tibet Autonomous Region of China, has plummeted to minus 15 degrees Celsius.
The Karnali river has frozen and water cannot be seen flowing, said Inspector Suraj KC, the In-charge of the Armed Police Force (APF)’s border outpost (BOP) at Hilsa. According to him, the river is frozen 24 hours and people can walk across the river.
KC added that life has become difficult for them and the some people at Hilsa who have stayed back home to look after their property. Most of the residents of Hilsa have moved to the other warmer places to escape the harsh winter. “People cannot even come out of their house due to the freezing temperature and windy condition,” he added.
The water taps have also frozen and one has to pour hot water for having running water.

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