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Nepali Filmmakers are demanding for a serious investigation into the details of the film affected by COVID-19

“Will the real movies influenced by Corona get justice? If a fake list of films is submitted to the Film Development Board.” By Producer Pradip Kumar Uday

By Dikshya Tiwari, KATHMANDU: Filmmakers have protested against the details of the film submitted to the Film Development Board by the Film Producers Association that are affected by Corona.

The development board is giving relief to the movie affected by COVID-19. For that, the producers’ association was asked for the details of the actual affected film. However, the producers’ association has also sent the names of the films that have not been produced yet.

The producers’ association had issued a notice to the producers to provide details of the film affected by the corona. In a bid to get relief from the board, the producer had also submitted the details of the film which was not produced and was resting in the wardrobe. After the producers’ association submitted the details received from the producers without any proper examination, the filmmakers have demanded a serious investigation with the development board.

The producers’ association had presented a list of 64 films to the board saying they were harmed by Corona. The general secretary of the producers’ association Roj Rana has disagreed with this. He wrote a status on Facebook stating that he disagrees because a real film influenced by Corona should be given a chance. Director KP Pathak has expressed his support on Rana’s statement.

“My opinion is the same, moreover board should support policy planning for marketing rather than financial.” Director Samjhana Upreti Rauniyar, Rishi Lamichhane, and others disagreed with the list of the films given to the board by the producers’ association and demanded a serious inquiry.

Producer Pradip Kumar Uday has raised a question asking; Will the movies influenced by Corona get justice? if a fake list of films affected by Corona is submitted to the Film Development Board. He objected to the producers’ association for proposing the list of films to the board without any investigation and said that the real affected film should get justice.

Treasurer Sushil Pokharel has made public his official opinion on behalf of the Producers Association after the filmmakers protested against the details of the film affected by the corona submitted to the board. He said that the manufacturer has no legal right to ignore the details of the filled form, not to accept the application and not to send it to the concerned body after receiving the application.

He is confident that the board will investigate the details submitted by the producers’ association. In the corona-influenced film submitted to the board, ‘The Whole Timer, Paras, No. 2, Ma Yesto Geet Gauxu 2, Prem Geet 3, Hero Returns, Jhinge Dau, Uljan, Pokharaki Kali, Mantra, Hali, Samhalinch Kahile Mann, Hijo Aajka Kura, Lakka Jawan, Man Paresi, Limbo, A Mero Hazur 4, Gorkhe, Hridayabhari ‘are included.

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