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Nepal Weather alert: Low possibility of heavy rain predicted for next four days

KATHMANDU: The Meteorological Forecasting Division has predicted that there was very low possibility of heavy rainfall for the next three to four days. This is because the low pressure system, which causes rain has shifted towards the south.
The monsoon low pressure trough has shifted towards south from the Tarai belt of Nepal, shared meteorologist Ganga Nagarkoti. Such condition does not mean that there will not be rain at all. Since monsoon will be active in Nepal until the third week of September, light to moderate rainfall will occur from time to time.
She further said that the prospect of torrential rain for few days throughout the country was very negligible.
According to the Division, the weather tonight throughout the country will remain partial to normal cloudy. However light to moderate rain could take place in some places.
Likewise, the country will witness partly to normally cloudy weather on Thursday while heavy rainfall is likely in a couple of places in some parts of the country. The Division has predicted that there is a strong likelihood of partial to normal cloudy weather on Friday while some places would witness light to moderate rainfall.
The Division has forecasted heavy rainfall in a couple of places in hilly areas and Terai within 24 hours. It has also urged one and all concerned to be maintain high alert in those areas.
Heavy rainfall could cause landslide in some hilly areas while it raises risk of flooding in rivers, especially those in Tarai area. Visibility for air and road traffic could be affected during this period, according to the division.

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