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Nepal stock market index records by double-digits

KATHMANDU:- The stock market closed higher on Thursday, the last day of the year. All groups except trade and ‘others’ have risen as the double-digit Nepse index, which measures share turnover, has risen. The Nepse index has increased by 23.76 points and reached 2,824.89 points.

The Sensitive Index, which measures the trading activity of Class A companies, also rose by 4.41 points. The transaction amount could not even reach Rs 5 billion.

A total of 131,433,240 shares of 223 companies have been traded through 51,868 transactions during the day.

Out of which, the transaction amount has reached Rs. 4 billion 815.52 million. The group self-index of most finance companies rose on Thursday. While finance has risen above 3 percent, development banks have risen by more than 2 percent, and microfinance groups by more than 1 percent.

The share price of Guheshwari Merchant Finance has risen by about 10 percent. The share price of the founder group of the 2nd National Insurance Company has risen by Rs 1,084 per share.

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