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Nepal stock market index increased by 11.33 points

KATHMANDU:- The stock market index has risen by 6.9 points on the last trading day of the year. The market, which remained stable on Wednesday, also saw a significant improvement in the transaction amount on Thursday.

A total of 58,52,109 shares of 223 companies were bought and sold 73,272 times on Thursday, bringing the turnover to more than Rs 8,143.6 million. Only 5.65 billion shares were bought and sold on Wednesday.

Shares of nine companies rose more than 5 percent on Thursday, leaving banking, finance, hydropower, microfinance, mutual funds, non-life insurance, and trade subgroups in the green.

Shares of Ngadi Power Group rose the most at 9.40 percent, while those of the Agriculture Development Bank at 10.35 percent fell 3.90 percent.

Investors of Rarang Hydropower and Ganapati Micro Finance received high returns from the market along with Ngadi on Thursday. Shares of Gorkha Finance Company worth more than Rs 366.1 million were bought and sold on Thursday.

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