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Nepal Police Plans To Mobilize Additional Force For Safety Of Women

KATHMANDU: The traffic police has decided to mobilize additional special force to prevent the violence against women in public vehicles.

Since last year, the metropolitan traffic police has moblized special security team targeting major traffic routes in capital. During thsi period 243 people were arrested for the offence .

Speaking at a programme Deputy Inspector General of Police, Shailesh Thapa Chhetri shared the plan of additional mobilisation of police along such routes.Similarly, the latest rise in cybercrime due to social networking sites has prompted the establishment of the ‘Cyber Bureau’ under the leadership of Deputy Inspector General of Police. The presence of Bureau has turned effective to combat the crime, it is said. Lately, the involvement of adolescents and youths is higher in the cybercrime. Parents and guardians have been advised to keep young children far from the social networking sites.

Lately, the police has implemented the Community Police Partnership Programme for peace and security and basic safety of children.

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