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Nepal government starts to focus on achieving expected results: Minister Baskota

KATHMADNU: Minister for Communication and Information Technology Gokul Prasad Baskota said on Wednesday that the government would completely focus on achieving expected results from its works in the current fiscal year 2019/20.
Addressing the chiefs of the line departments and authorities of MoCIT after they signed performance contract with the ministry for this fiscal year, Minister Baskota directed them to work honestly and responsibly to generate 100 per cent results in the development works.
“The government wants to show results, you should help for this. No opportunity of ‘if and but’ will be provided,” Minister Baskota said.
On the occasion, chiefs of different 14 line departments and authorities of the ministry, including chairman of Gorkhapatra Corporation Krishna Murari Bhandari signed the performance contract with MoCIT Secretary Mahendra Man Gurung for the current fiscal year.
On the occasion, Minister Baskota also launched the integrated action plan of the ministry for the current fiscal year.
Minister Baskota said that the signing of the performance contract was a move to make the department chiefs and the authorities realise their self-affiliation to the responsibilities.
He said that the ministry would not issue any direction to the concerned officials of the line departments and authorities and would take direct action if they did not perform as per the action plan prepared by them.
He said that the ministry would supervise and monitor the works of the line departments and the authorities at any time on the basis of integrated action plan prepared by the ministry.
He said that the development works should be completed in time as per the set standards in
the action plan and performance contract signed with the ministry.
“The integrated action plan has been prepared on the very first day of the fiscal year and the budget allocation was in your hand. Start working right from tomorrow,” Minister Baskota said.
Minister Baskota directed Gorkhapatra Corporation to start Biratnagar and Nepalgunj editions of the Gorkhapatra as per the action plan.
Minister Baskota directed the Nepal telecommunication Authority (NTA) to scrap the license of the companies, which were not working as per the contract signed in laying down optical fiber along the Mid-Hill Highway in Gandaki State and State 5.
Highlighting the major progresses of the MoCIT, Secretary Gurung said that the ministry was able to spend 80.39 per cent of its capital expenditure.
He said the ministry made notable progress in installing Nepal’s own satellite and establishing security printing in the country, implementing the box office in cinema, blocking of the vulgar websites and in laying the optical fiber projects.

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