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Nepal Government recommends Consular and Labor Attache

KATHMANDU:- Nepal Government has recommended various individuals for appointment as Consular (Labor) and Labor Attache to the countries in the Gulf region, Malaysia and South Korea. A large number of Nepalis have been working in these countries.
The Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security has recommended Rama Bhattarai (Niraula), Krishna Prasad Khanal and Deepak Dhakal as Consular to South Korea, Qatar and Malaysia respectively. Bhattarai is currently with the Social Security Fund, Khanal is with the Department of Foreign Employment and Dhakal is the Under Secretary at the Ministry.
Likewise, Pramila KC has been recommended for appointment as Labor Attache in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dinesh Dhakal for Oman, Prakash Panthi for Malaysia, Bipana Gyawali for Kuwait and Prem Prasad Upadhyay for Saudi Arabia.
Those recommended for Labor Attache are all section officers in the Ministry and bodies under it, the Ministry under-secretary Devendra Karki said, adding that the recommended Counselors and Attaches would be assigned to the Nepali diplomatic mission in the countries concerned through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
They will be representing the Government of Nepal and holding dialogue with the government of the countries they have been deputed to for resolving problems faced by the Nepali migrant workers.
The post of the Consular and Labor Attache would remain with the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security while they will be working under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They are required to submit a report to the Ministry of Labor every month.
The Labor Attache will have to inform the government about the situation of labor and employment, about factual information related to immigration in the countries where there are Nepali workers and about the steps taken by the country of destination for protecting the workers, the international human rights and the workers’ rights and interests.
Although the process of selecting the Counselor and Labor Attache was started nearly two years back, the names could not been recommended after the Ministry started making a new standard and guideline for making the selection process transparent and systematic.

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