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Nepal Government receives commitment of 36 billion in FDI

KATHMANDU:- Nepal Government has received the commitment of around 36 billion rupees in foreign direct investment (FDI) in the current fiscal year. According to the Ministry of Industry, the commitment of Rs 35.94 billion was received for 213 enterprises until July 5 for the fiscal year 2019/20.
The Department of Industry statistics states that of the total commitment, 70 to 80 per cent is from China followed by India, the USA and Malaysia.
Spokesperson at the Department Binod Kumar Khadka said that, however, the number of companies has decreased but the ratio of investment has gone up this year as compared to last fiscal year.
He added that Rs 10.27 billion plus amount in FDI was committed in comparison to the last year till the date. He added that Rs 25.47 billion was committed for 344 industries last year till this date. The investment as committed is more in service sector but maximum industries are in tourism industry, he shared.

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