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Nepal government orders DHM to submit final report of Bara, Parsa tornado

KATHMANDU: Nepal government has given a 10-day deadline to the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology, (DHM) to submit its final report on the devastating tornado that lashed Bara and Parsa districts killing 28 people on March 31.
The Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation has instructed the DHM to come up with the final draft of the report before May 24.
A technical team of the DHM, ICIMOD and the Small Earth Nepal (SEN) had reached the affected area on April 2, two days after the tornado, to collect the report of the incident.
It has already been 46 days after the tornado hit dozen villages in the two districts on the night of March 31.
Field observation, research and report preparation tasks were led by senior divisional meteorologist Dr Archana Shrestha.
Meanwhile, the DHM said on Wednesday that the report on the tornado was almost finalized and the technical team were giving it the final touch.
“We will most probably submit the final report to the Ministry within one-and-a-half week,” Saraju Kumar Vaidya, Director General at the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, said.
Submission of the report was delayed for various technical and procedural processes required to prepare it, he said. “Three to four names have been suggested to the DHM but this required further agreement taking consent from the Ministry,” Vaidya said. He suggested that it would be better to term the Bara tornado simply a tornado rather than seeking a Nepali name for it as per the international practices because in international practice, tornado’s specific or local name is not often given.
Piyush Dahal, one of the team members, told the government media that the report had mainly suggested the government to help build strong infrastructure, take measures to remain safe from such tornado in the future and install weather radars to forecast tornado and other natural calamities.
It took time to prepare the report as discussions were held from various perspectives, possibilities, and angles to draw one common conclusion for the report compilation, he said.
The report has also mentioned the distance of almost 90 kilometers covered by the tornado from Chitwan National Park to South-east of Bara.
Dahal said that the human casualties would have been low if had there been strong concrete houses.
Tornado had affected Pheta Rural Municipality the most, in terms of both human casualty and property loss.
According to Dahal, the submitted report will be a record as Nepal was first time hit by a tornado.
“Whatever we did and analysed from the available resources, all came from our new experiences as majority of the technicians lacked experiences to deal with the disaster impact,” he said.

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