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Nepal government monitors vegetable markets in Kathmandu

KATHMANDU: Nepal government authority today morning conducted monitoring in Kalamiti and Balkhu fruits and vegetable markets in the wake of soaring price of vegetables in the Kathmandu Valley lately.

Two separate teams from the Department of Commerce, Supply and Protection of Consumers inspected the markets at around 4 am, said Yogendra Gauchan, director general of the Department.

The monitoring follows soaring price of vegetables lately despite regular supply of vegetables, he said.

There had been difficulties in supplying vegetables and fruits to the valley due to flooding and landslides triggered by rains last week, thus increasing price of vegetables, he said. But the situation is returning to normalcy with maintenance of damaged roads in full progress.

Traders at the markets have increased price of vegetables citing flooding and landslides across the country.

Gauchan directed action against traders who fail to show receipts for buying vegetables and fruits from farmers.

“Consumers continue to be deceived until traders show receipts for purchasing vegetables or fruits from farmers, middlepersons and suppliers. Monitoring is underway in the markets.

Traders hiding receipts for buying vegetables will be booked” he said.

Until 8 am, the monitoring teams led by inspection officer Dipak Pokharel and Paban Pyakurel fined 13 vegetable shops in the markets for hiding receipts for purchasing vegetables, said the Department.

The teams comprise representatives from the Department of Agriculture and security personnel.

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