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Nepal Government in a dilemma about easing the lockdown restriction

According to the CCMC's proposal, there are five steps to ease the lockdown. CCMC has proposed to implement the first phase for two weeks after the end of the detention that has been going on till June 12
(Army health workers measuring fever and collecting details of Nepalis returning from Dubai at the Holding Center of Province No. 2 at Heritage Banquet in Radheradhe, Madhyapurthimi Municipality-4. If the report of Kovid-19 is found to be negative after 14 days, the army will make arrangements to send it to their homes. Bhaktapur, June, 2020. Photo: Ramesh Giri-RSS)

By Jyoti Dhakal, KATHMANDU:- Nepal Government confused about easing the ongoing lockdown. The high-level committee on Covid-19 and the Corona Crisis Management Center (CCMC) have put forward different proposals, raising confusion as to when the lockdown will be lifted.

At a meeting of the high-level committee held on Saturday, Deputy Prime Minister Ishwor Pokharel has proposed to ease the blockade in districts with less than 100 active cases. DPM Pokharel proposes to open shops, open salons and drive short distances with half passengers in such districts. DPM Pokharel has proposed to run long-distance vehicles with most of the businesses, domestic flights, religious places, shopping malls and half-passengers from June 20.

Though discussions were held on Pokhrel’s proposal, no decision was reached on Saturday. According to a member of the committee, the ministers have been asked to give suggestions in writing. The cabinet meeting held last week to increase the lockdown had given the responsibility of preparing the modality of the lockdown to the high level committee. However, the committee has not been able to finalize the modalities even as the deadline set for June 12 is nearing completion.

While the government has not been able to come up with a lockdown module, Public transpiration service and small businesses have started opening up on the one hand and corona infection on the other. On Saturday, 323 infected people were added on the same day. The total number of infected people has exceeded 3200 and the number of deaths has reached 13.

Meanwhile, while the high-level committee has not been able to prepare the modalities of the lockdown, it has prepared a different proposal with the participation of the Nepal Army that the lockdown should not be allowed in the first two weeks of July.

CCMC concluded that loosening the bandage would further increase the corona infection and create an atmosphere of panic in the masses. He said that with the increasing number of infections and the spread of infections even at the community level, a completely loose situation could arise at any time.

According to the CCMC’s proposal, there are five steps to ease the lockdown. CCMC has proposed to implement the first phase for two weeks after the end of the detention that has been going on till June 12. It is mentioned that domestic transport can be partially opened by adopting safety measures at this stage. Apart from this, other restrictions will be implemented in the current format.

The second phase will be implemented in the third and fourth week of July. In this case, the wood will be a little loose. According to the CCMC’s proposal, gym, morning walk, government and private offices, small and domestic industries, outdoor flights can be partially opened at this stage.

CCMC proposes to open public transport only in the third phase. In this phase, it is mentioned in the proposal to allow public transport to run with 50 percent passengers, to start the enrollment process in schools and to open a hotel restaurant with home delivery.

In the proposal prepared by the committee led by DPM Pokharel, it has been said that the Lockdown will be eased from June 10. Internal vehicles , flights with half passengers and educational institutions will regain operation from June 1st.

Government mechanisms have begun to appear ineffective in preventing and managing the corona epidemic. Even though it has been said that Nepalis will be rescued from abroad since Friday, there has been confusion in the process.

Some Nepali nationals who were coming to Nepal from UAE on Friday have been stopped due to a dispute over who will pay the airfare. Similarly, the ambassadors of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Malaysia have demanded that private flights should be opened instead of repatriating Nepalis by chartering expensive planes.

Meanwhile, the government has come to the surface of disorder and chaos in Dailekh and other districts of the country. The risk of corona has increased in Karnali due to sending the infected home without testing, quarantine conditions are deplorable and people are fleeing. And, the government has not been able to work effectively on this.

Acknowledging the government’s weakness in corona control and lockdown, The top leaders of the ruling party have started saying, “Now that we have shrunk the political leadership and formed the CCMC, we are headed for failure.”

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