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Nepal Government has realistic dreams: PM Oli

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that the incumbent government has only dreamt of projects that are realistic and feasible. He said this while replying to lawmakers’ questions duringthe discussions on the government’s policies and programmes for fiscal year 2019/20 in the meeting of the House of Representatives today.

“The government has talked of the dreams that can be visualized while one is awake. It has dreamt of nation building,” he said, insisting that the present government was not talking of dreams that one sees during sleep but the dreams of developing the country and building its bright future.

Making it clear that the policies and programmes planned for the coming fiscal year would take forward the democracy in the wider sense, he said the policies and programmes document has presented a clear vision regarding how to go about in the coming five years, 10 years and 25 years.

“The constitution has conceptualized social justice and equality and the government has brought its policies and programmes to fulfill the same conceptualization, the PM said, adding that works have been carried out to do away with weaknesses and backwardness that remained in society.

He further added that the policies and programmes have adopted the policy of all working together to unify the nation on the basis of broader social justice and equality and not on varied communal and regional narrow-mindedness. Stating that the policies and programmes has emphasized on education and health for nation building and prosperity, PM said good governance and corruption control were inevitable for development.

There is no need to be confused regarding the government’s policies and programmes, he argued. He suggested that the population entangled agriculture could be made to opt for other jobs through the modernization and commercialization of agriculture, stressing that the policies and programmes have emphasized on increasing agriculture production and productivity and also on promoting organic farming. The government has tried to make the agriculture systematized and well-planned and it is projected that the entire agriculture sector would grow by 6 percent this year.

Referring to the President using ‘my government’ while presenting the government’s policies and programmes in the parliament, Prime Minister Oli urged the population to forsake the contradictory mentality of not recognizing the institution elected by the people or negating this institution’s dignity while accepting the topic of ‘supremacy by virtue of birth’ and respecting such an institution.

He went on to say that the leader of the main opposition party, during discussions on the government’s policies and programmes in parliament, commenting on the President’s use of ‘my government’ as copying the UK Queen, was also not diplomatically sound. He alleged that this has hurt the sentiment of a country which was Nepal’s development partner. The Prime Minister sarcastically said that the opposition party could also call this government as its own. ‘Constitution would be amended based on need’. The prime minister said the constitution would be amended on the basis of necessity and meaning.

The government was aware of growing trade deficit and a focus had been laid on import replacement through the increase in productivity and production. Investment, production growth, import replacement and export promotion were the policies of the government. Claiming that government had come with effective works to maintain peace and security in the country and several epoch-making initiations were in place to ensure social security, create jobs opportunities and so on.

Prime Minister Oli said, “Delay in development construction will not be acceptable now onwards. There will not be competition of time and quality while giving contract. The government is serious on it.” Expressing commitment not to let any type of violence against women occurred as violence against women was not acceptable, he said stern action would be taken against those involved in VAW. The Prime Minister said that many programmes for women empowerment has been brought, adding that arrangement of free test of breast cancer has been made.

Reiterating that development of infrastructure, tourism and agriculture and electrification was the priority of the policies and programmes, the Prime Minister said the government was active to materialize the Digital Nepal and Literate Nepal.

He further said, ‘Now no one should die of hunger. No one will be homeless. We have made arrangement of free snacks at primary level. Health insurance programme has been brought.” The government would protect helpless, disabled persons, he said. Prime Minister Oli said that a process would be forwarded in order to complete the Melamchi Drinking Water project within coming fiscal year 2019/20.

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