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Nepal government endorsed national environment policy

KATHMANDU: government has endorsed the ‘National Environment Policy-2019′ to control pollution, manage wastes and promote greenery so as to ensure citizens’ right to live in a fair and healthy environment.
The policy was framed to guide the implementation of environment related laws and other thematic laws, realize international commitment and enable collaboration between all concerned government agencies and non-government organizations on environmental management actions.
It was made public on Thursday while unveiling the decisions of the Council of Ministers meeting held on July 4, 8 and 9.
According to the Ministry of Forest and Environment, the policy aims to lessen and prevent all types of environment pollutions, manage wastes emanated from all sectors including home, industry and service, expand parks and greenery in urban area and ensure environment justice to the pollution affected population.
In order to meet the policy goals and objectives, the policy has specified special measures, including setup of effective systems for checking and reducing pollution of all types, encouragement for the use of environment-friendly technology in industry, hospital and vehicles, regulation of harmful pesticides in production and protection of human health from unauthorized food intake.
The ministry has envisaged to devise environment-friendly technology to manage pollutant dust, smoke, water emanating from industries and other business promote the use of solar stove, electric stove, bio-gas, improved stove and chimney for the prevention of pollution at homes and lay emphasis on energy effective housing.
Likewise, strategies will be put in place to being into operation an integrated incineration machine for proper management of wastes released from industrial establishments, hospital and other structures, incentivize energy generation from wastes and manage explosive, poisonous and perishable garbage.
Among other measures inserted in the policy include promotion of e-vehicles, hybrid vehicles and vehicles consuming clean energy, enforce pollution control certificates in industrial yields and replace plastic use through environment means.
Waste collection system will be made effective and littering will be completely restricted in wetlands, religious sites, road, tole and other public places.
A national environment council will be established to make policy coordination of all types of environment related activities. All tiers of governments will require to formulate law and policy on environment.
Federal, state and local levels governments will have roles in the implementation of the policy, the policy stated.
The policy has entrusted the federal government with the responsibility for looking after national-level policy, law and standards related works for environmental protection and management. The environment protection and management related programme and projects will be formulated and implemented in accordance with national and international standards.
The review of the policy will be done in every five years.

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