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Nepal ‘Forcefully’ Sending Tibetan Refugees Back To China Is a Crime Against Humanity

Nepal does not have an “unlimited liability” to China, as Nepal is free to take decisions on philanthropy and charity works that it intends to do, such as protecting the grief stricken Tibetans within the boundary of Nepal.
( File: Tibetans in Nepal manhandled by Nepalese police. Photo Crusty: Asia News)

By N24 Correspondent, KATHMANDU:- In the name of pleasing its northern neighbor China, Nepal is forcefully returning Tibetan refugees, who escape prosecution, torture, and inhumane treatment at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its puppet governments in Beijing and Lhasa.

The government of Nepal has to understand that supporting “One China Policy” and protecting Tibetan refugees are two completely different things.

Being an immediate neighbor of China, Nepal may have compulsions for supporting the notorious “One China Policy”, under which, Nepal recognizes Tibet, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, and Xinjiang as the integral parts of China.

However, this policy should not create compulsions for Nepal to return the Tibetans, who have already gone through hell back in Tibet and China.

Nepal has signed many international covenants and treaties, including those of the UN, pledging that Nepal would protect the rights of the refugees, including those of the Tibetans, who are already in Nepal.

The innocent Tibetans, who left China and Tibet following threats to their lives and livelihoods, have no ambition than to live a peaceful life and make a simple living. They have every right to live with dignity in Nepal.

For this to happen, Nepal needs to register them officially as Tibetan refugees and grant them identity cards of the refugees, so that international refugee and humanitarian organizations can come forward to support them for work permits and livelihoods in Nepal.

Nepal does not need to be apologetic to China for protecting Tibetans in Nepal, as Nepal has its own international duties towards some humanitarian causes, too.

Nepal does not have an “unlimited liability” to China, as Nepal is free to take decisions on philanthropy and charity works that it intends to do, such as protecting the grief-stricken Tibetans within the boundary of Nepal.

It’s a fact that Nepal is still home to more than 20,000 Tibetans, who may not have received the official facilities of refugees, but are still residing in Nepal. It’s also a fact that Nepal is leaning too much towards China by sending them back to China in recent days.

This recent phenomenon has to come to an end, as Nepal, its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other major stakeholders need to take this issue seriously and make sure that Nepal has not lost the humanitarian causes and wisdom passed from generation to generation from its ancestors, forefathers and the mothers.

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