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Nepal Ex-King Gyanendra Likes To Survive Merely With Press Releases

Expresses Concern For People Affected With COVID-19 Pandemic

By Jyoti Dhakal, KATHMANDU:- With the dethronement of his crown 12 years ago in 2008, it seems that Nepal’s last King Gyanendra Shah likes to engage in politics, albeit only with the issuance of press releases and statements in the name of his former subjects, who are now the sovereign people of the Federal Republic of Nepal.

In a statement issued today, the former King has urged the government to find a solution to all the problems faced by the people due to the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic.

“I express my deepest condolences to those, who lost their lives due to the pandemic. I further wish for a speedy recovery of those, who were infected with the virus,” the ex-King said in the statement.

“People, who have returned from abroad due to the pandemic, have to be given proper works and engagements inside the country. We have, therefore, a challenge as well as an opportunity,” the ex-King said.

The ex-King, who once used to dream of restoring his royal regime with the power of India, has urged everybody to be vigil for not to invite any foreign intervention in Nepal’s internal affairs.

“Why it is that questions are repeatedly raised over our patriotism, independence and dignity? Why there are always disputes on the question of border issues, national crisis and treaties, which were signed against the national interests of Nepal?” the ex-King has asked in the statement.

The ex-King also wants a society free of corruption, nepotism and dilly-dallying in his statement. However, it may be noted that, as soon as ex-King Gyanendra became the King after a mysterious assassination of his brother – the then King Birendra – and his family, he then transferred all the properties of his brother and his family overnight into his name.

Earlier, Nepal’s political parties had reached a 12-point agreement to spear ahead a massive protest and thereby topple the monarchy. The parliament, which was restored after the protests, declared an official termination of the royal regime in Nepal. Ex-King Gyanendra, however, still seems to be interested in luring India, who played a role in his political demise.

The Indian establishment sometimes scares Nepal’s political parties of restoring monarchy if the political parties do not cooperate. But in essence, this is just a bargaining chip for the Indian establishment, as it is practically not possible to restore monarchy back to its previous position.

Ex-King Gyanendra, however, does not want to believe that India has been only scaring the political parties of Nepal. According to some news reports, the ex-King even provided his Soaltee Hotel in Kathmandu for India’s external intelligence agency – the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) to carry out their activities without hindrance and with the presence of armed securities.

Ex-King Gyanendra may be dreaming of getting back his crown and the royal regime with the help of India, but that is not going to materialize merely by issuing press statements, according to analysts following Nepal’s politics.

Whether the ex-King would get any result or not from his statements, it is for sure that he would not miss a chance to travel to the south of Nepal, that is India, in the name of visiting the holy Hindu pilgrimage sites. But, actually he would just be making sure that he would not miss his journey to the Indian capital of New Delhi almost on a regular basis.

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