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Nepal Covid-19 Update: 2,700 jailbirds vaccinated against coronavirus

(File: A health worker being inoculated with COVID vaccines. Photo: RSS)

KATHMANDU:- A total of 2,703 inmates of central jail have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. The government has arranged vaccination to jailbirds based on its decision to place health workers, waste collectors and jailbirds on priority in the first phase.
Information Officer of Central Jail Jagannathdewal, Rabin Kumar Rai shared that 2,703 out of 3,336 inmates of central jail were inoculated with anti-coronavirus vaccines.
“Vaccines were provided to all jailbirds except those uninterested and ailing ones”, he said.
At least 73 inmates of the country’s largest central jail were diagnosed with coronavirus. Among them seven lost their lives to the coronavirus infection, information officer Rai added.

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