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Nepal Communist Party Leader Nepal Sees Need Of revising Media Council Bill

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KATHMANDU: Nepal Communist Party (NCP) senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal has said the Media Council Bill should be revised so as make it acceptable for all. “The document has sparked a widespread debate and it needs revision.”
In his address to a press meet organised by the Press Organisation in Nepalgunj of Bankey district today, the former prime minister was of the view of not endorsing the document amidst disputes and discord. It should be further pursued in such a way that all stakeholders concerned could take its ownership. The collective ownership of the bill would help further spread the government popularity, he added.
Declaring that change was not possible through the armed politics, he advised the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN)-led by Netra Bikram Chand ‘Biplab’, to go among the people and win their hearts through innovative ideas, instead of keeping them terrorised by brandishing weapons.
On a different note, he said the budget for the upcoming fiscal year be focused on achieving a rapid economic growth and it should give a new hope to the people. Budget would not address the people’s and nation’s needs if it was brought as a customary.

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