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Nepal: Birds in danger due to inadequate forest management

KATHMANDU: Stakeholders have expressed their concerns that the Scientific Forest Management Programmes initiated by various community forest management committees in Dang Deukhuri are endangering the existence of birds.
Old trees are being cut down in the community forests of Dang Deukhuri in the name of scientific forest management.
Due to the reason, life of the birds that have habitually been living in the tree holes has been endangered, conservationists said.
Chairman of Forest and Environment Conservation Committee Uma Kant Pant said that the ongoing process of scientific management would only harm the biological diversity.
“It will badly impact on the biological diversity and eco-system,” Pant said.
Species like snakes, lizards, owl, woodpecker and hornbill living in the trees of the community forests are on the verge of extinction after the introduction of the programmes.
According to Pant, it is hard to find species like monitor lizard and snakes that live in the tree holes and hornbill in the community forests.
“That is why sustainable forest management than the scientific forest management is a must,” he stated.
Conservationist Chiranjibi Khanal said that since many species like reptiles and arboreal animals found in the forest were on the verge of extinction, all should be serious on the issue.
“Termites and insects, along with birds normally live in the trees having holes. So such trees need not be cut down,” Khanal said.
Similarly, monitor lizard, flying squirrel, beer and marbled cat live in the trees, said Khanal, adding that the wildlife was badly affected by the cutting of such trees under the scientific forest management programme.
District chair of Community Forest Consumer Federation Bhupendra Subedi said that the ongoing scientific forest management programme must be roll back as it was not consumer-friendly and was hampering the biological diversity.
The Scientific Forest Management Programme has come into effect in 20 of 48 community forests in Deukhuri region.
Among the 20 forests, the programme has been implemented in 15 and it will soon be enforced in the remaining five forests.
However, Premi Lal Sah, information officer of Divisional Forest Office in Lamahi, said that the programme did not cover all the forests in the district.
He further claimed that the programme would not endanger the birds and other wild animals.

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