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Nepal (107/2) v Bermuda (106)

3:17pm: Also, the US is struggling against Oman (37/3 after 10, chasing 175. Italy is 16/1 (5.0) chasing Uganda 114. I’ll be back tomorrow when Bermuda takes on Italy. Thanks for following us today

3:15pm: This loss puts Bermuda at 1-2 and severely damages the squad’s chances of advancing to Division 2. They’ll need lots of help at this point. It also puts them back in the race to get relegated to Division 4. It appears Italy might win today, which would mean every team would have at least one victory. Bermuda face Italy tomorrow and the USA on Saturday.

3:10pm: If you’re a Bermuda fan that was akin to a horror film. Bowling stats: Jones 3-0-17-0, Stovell 2-0-21-0, Trott 3-0-28-2, Robinson 1-0-9-0, Tucker 2-0-22-0, Gibbons 0.2-10-0.

3:08pm: That’s it as Nepal pulls off a convincing win over Bermuda. Nepal 107/2, Bermuda 106

3:03pm: Nepal 97/2 (11.0) This next over could be it – they just need 10 runs.

2:59pm: Nepal 83/2 (10.0) With such a low target there is no fear in Nepal’s batsmen.

2:54pm: Nepal 75/2 (9.0) Anderson was hit in the face and taken off the field as a precautionary measure when Rodney bowled Mandai.

2:48pm: Nepal 67/2 (8.0) In the other matches, Uganda was 114/9 against Italy. That’s a shocker. The US has replied 13/1 (3.0) to Oman’s 175.

2:45pm: Shout out to the Bermuda Masters team who are in the Dominican following along! Nepal 65/2 (7.0) They picked 14 off of Trott that over.

2:41pm: 51/2 (6.0) Bermuda’s tried four different bowlers to stop the onslaught from Nepal. Trott the pick right now at 2-0-14-2.

2:37pm: 42/2 (5.0)

2:33pm: OUT! 35/2 (4.2)

2:30pm: When rain halted play, it was decided that would be a good time to break for lunch. As long as the weather co-operates, the game should resume in a bit.

1:15pm: A spot of rain has halted play – we’re likely to get more this today. Nepal on 35/1 chasing 106.

1:10pm: Nepal 33/1 (4.0) Nepal’s required run rate is 2.12 so Bermuda need wickets and lots of them.

1:07pm OUT! Nepal 23/1 Nice catch by Douglas off the bowling of Trott.

1:03pm: Nepal 23/0 (2.0) Stovell was hit for 16 in his over.

12:58pm Nepal isn’t messing around and appear that want this over quickly as they come out of the gate 7/0 (1.0)

12:50pm: Hopefully Bermuda’s bowlers can do the same but just a bit better against Nepal’s batsmen. Outerbridge 29, Hemp 16, Jones 15*, Stovell 15, Douglas 12. In the other matches Uganda is a suprising 58/4 against Italy after 25 overs. That match started late due to a wet pitch at the National Sports Centre. Oman is 108/8 (35.0) against the USA at Somerset.

12:47pm: OUT! The fat lady has sung on Bermuda’s innings. Robinson was caught for naught.

12:44pm: 106/9 (38.0) Bermuda need three runs to top their score from Sunday against Uganda.

12:41pm: Bermuda 106/9 (37.0) Malachi is on 15, which is tied for the third high score of the day for Bermuda.

12:37pm: OUT! I feel like the biggest jinx. Trott is out lbw and it’s now up to Jacobi and Malachi

12:34pm: Bermuda 100/8 (35.0) Slow going, but it’s better than losing wickets.

12:32pm: Bermuda 100/8 (34.0) Jones 9, Trott 0

12:28pm: Bermuda 98/8 (33.0)

12:26pm: Bermuda 91/8 (32.0) Jones 1, Trott 0

12:24pm Bermuda 90/8 (31.0)

12:23pm: OUT! 89/8 Outerbridge is bowled on 29. Bermuda 89/8 Trott and Jones in.

12:18pm: OUT! Gibbons is bowled. 89/7.

12:13pm: Bermuda 87/6 Outerbridge is on 28. Gibbons is in. He had a 33 on Monday, which is Bermuda’s high score for the Tournament.

12:10pm OUT! Cann is caught. The tail end is going to need to wag again if Bermuda stand a chance here.

12:07pm: OUT! 87/5 Anderson bowled. (26.4. Cann coming in with Outerbridge

12:04pm: Fall of wickets: 1-14 (Douglas), 2-44 (Stovell), 3-73 (Hemp), 4-74 (Tucker) Bermuda 84/4 (26.0)

12:02pm: Bermuda 81/4 (23.0) Outerbridge 25, Anderson 5

11:55am OUT! It’s all going wrong now as Tucker is caught. Wicketkeeper Jason Anderson in 77/4

11:53am: Tucker is in. 76/3 (22.2)

11:49am: OUT! Hemp is out lbw. Bermuda 73/3 (21.4)

11:47am: Bermuda 73/2 (21.0) Hemp 16, Outernridge 25

11:41am: The Bermuda Weather Service now saying there will be a few light rain showers this after with the first of a series of troughs. Bermuda 69/2 (20.0) Outerbridge 23, Hemp 14

11:37am: Bermuda 62/2 (19.0) Just a lonely single added to Bermuda’s tally.

11:34am: Bermuda 61/2 (18.0)

11:32am: 58/2 (17.0) One big four from Outerbridge that over. Outerbridge 20, Hemp 7

11:30am: Bermuda 54/2 (16.0) Outerbridge 16, Hemp 7

11:27am: Bermuda 52/2 (15.0)

11:24am: Bermuda 48/2 (14.0) Outerbridge 13, Hemp 4. It would be great to see the captain and former captain to form a partnership to take the score to over 100.

11:19am: Hemp now in with Outerbridge. Bermuda is still looking for a batsman to break through with a big score after three matches. We’ve had a lot players reach double figures but no one has more than 33 so far.

11:14am: OUT! Bermuda 44/2 Stovell is stumped. He had 15.

11:10am: Bermuda 42/1 (10.0)

11:06am: Bermuda 40/1 (9.0) Stovell 14, Outerbridge 13

11:02am The Uganda-Italy match is now under way after a 30-minute delay.

11:01am: Bermuda 33/1 (8.0) First maiden over for Nepal.

10:58am: Bermuda 33/1 (7.0) Stovell reaches double figures (11) with a four on the last ball of the over.

10:54am: Bermuda 28/1 (6.0) Outerbridge 8, Stovell 7

10:50am. Bermuda 22/1 (5.0) The Italy/Uganda match start at the National Sports Centre is delayed due to the pitch. Oman is 8/1 against the US.

10:46am: 16/1 (4.0)

10:43: Bermuda 15/1 (3.0) Captain Outerbridge is in with Stovell. Bermuda has had trouble getting the openers off to a big foundation in these first three matches.

10:41: OUT! Douglas blasted a couple of fours in the second over and then was caught in the third. Bermuda 14/1 (2.4) Douglas had 12.

10:35am: Solid start as Bermuda pick up five runs in the first over with Douglas getting four. The rest of Bermuda’s team: Outerbridge, Hemp, Tucker, Gibbons, Cann, Jones, Trott, Robinson, and Anderson. Bermuda will be able to bat right down to #11 again with no changes from Monday’s squad.

10:31am: No delay at the start of play and Stovell and Douglas opening the batting for Bermuda today. Douglas took the first delivery and put Bermuda on the board.

10:30am: The USA won the toss in their match against Oman and also elected to field.

10:12am:: Nepal won the toss and elected to field. They must be hoping for better weather this afternoon. Italy plays Uganda and the USA is playing Oman.

10:05am: The Bermuda Weather Service is projecting light rain and some showers for today (and through Saturday). I imagine the pitch is only going to get worse throughout the day – or at least has the potential to get much worse later on. teams winning the toss will probably elect to bat and get their runs on the board. There is a real possibility that Duckworth-Lewis could come into effect.

9:45am: Bermuda will take on Nepal today at Lord’s in St David’s. Bermuda comes into the match at 1-1 with Nepal 0-2 in the Pepsi World Cricket League Division 3 Tournament. It’s overcast and rain fell over night with some sprinkles this morning.

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

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Information for Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point
Information for Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point
Information for Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point