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NEFIN chair ‘blames’ Janajati Caucus for raising unitary-identity federalism issue

ITAHARI: Chairman of the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN), Rajkumar Lekhi, said the NEFIN was for federalism on the basis of identity instead of the single identity- based federalism.

Speaking at an interaction on ‘Federalism and Identity’ here on Saturday, he accused the media of imparting wrong message without understanding the objective of their national conference.

He claimed that they held extensive discussions on the issues to make uniformity in their voice and chart out future strategy during the national conference.
Lekhi refuted that the NEFIN never talked about federalism based on single- ethnic identity but has been stressing for providing rights to all ethnic groups, languages and cultures on the basis of history and geography.

He questioned as to why the former lawmakers representing Indigenous Nationalities (Caucus) have raised the voice for single identity-based federalism and said they should themselves justify the move.

Chairman Lekhi said the Constituent Assembly failed to write constitution and go for federalism due to the status quoist tendency of the major political parties. RSS

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