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N24 Freedom Fighter Award 2019 goes to Uyghur community Leader Mrs. Rushan Abbas

By Ginnie Loaiza, Los Angeles: Amazing food, breath-taking performances and some of the most inspiring words from the very best of our community; the 9th Annual General Meeting and Award Distribution Ceremony 2019 was an overall success. The event, titled “Integration Through Media”, was attended by some of the most influential names in the South Asian Community.

Host and President of Mr. Purushottam Dhakal welcomed everyone with his kind words.
Chief Editor Dhakal says, ‘This is the right time to join us main stream politics for south Asian community and has always been representing immigrant’s voice.’

There were beautiful flower arrangements presented to our Chief Guests at the event; Mr. Tony Lima, Mayor-City of Artesia, Rishi Punnakhar Dhakal, Honorary Consul General, Nepal to USA, Renown Philanthropist Dr. Nitin Shah and Mrs. Rushan Abbas, Founder of Campaign for Uyghur, Nitesh Patel, City Council Member, LA Palma, Rene J. Trevino City Council Member – Artesia, CA. Priest Jivan Baral recited the divine Veda Mantra and Rciha, followed by a lovely traditional Bharat Natyam dance by Shweta Sarasundaram of Rangashree Dance Academy.

Mr. Dilip Butani, who had the floor for a mere 5 minutes, managed to deliver some moving words. Mr. Butani is an Asian American Activist and has been an active member of the community, helping over 6,000 families buy their dream home. He migrated to the United States in 1970 and also finished his masters here.

Councilman Nitesh Patel managed to enamor the crowd. The recently elected Councilman from La Palma is a lawyer in a family of doctors and engineers, well-read, highly educated and passionate about his beliefs. He spoke of the struggles that the South Asian community had to go throughout the years, the most noteworthy being the incident in Washington D.C. 1907, where a mob of 600 people destroyed the Asian community. He recalled a time when Indians were called a menace, illiterate and rumored to carry a strange disease back in 1914. But he was also prideful to mention that as of 2019, Indians are the largest contributing minority with over 3 million highly educated individuals who have gone to achieve great things in Business, Technology and Medicine. His message was to promote the involvement and guiding our children onto the right paths to make a better and brighter future.

The ceremony was conducted by Ms. Susana Pokhrel and Mr. Pat Patnaik.

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