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Mr. Bhandari leads in his delegate race in USA

Purushottam Dhakal, Baltimore, USA: An American of Nepali origin has declared his nomination for the Maryland House of delegate’s gubernatorial election of 2014. Harry Bhandari (HB), who hails from Thapathana-9, Khanar of Parbat, filed his nomination as a Democratic candidate in District-8, Baltimore County Maryland House of delegate’s election of 2014 last months. Bhandari is perhaps the Second Nepali to run for the House of delegate’s race, where almost all the posts have been occupied by the Americans.
Bhandari has challenge to win the Democratic Party’s primary election in June 24th, 2014 to secure the party’s official nomination.
Bhandari has Admin one degree from Johns Hopkins University. He has been active for the last decade in the county’s and district’s level Democratic Party politics .He is an elected secretary of minority Caucus , Young Democrat of America(YDA), and has been serving in one of the committees of the Baltimore County Government Planning commission on behalf of County Chairwoman Cathy Bevins.
According to the sources, Bhandari candidacy has been backed by the Cathy Klauseimer, State Senator, representing legislative district 8 of Maryland.

Speaking to the N24, Bhandari asserts that he has Better Schools , Stronger Senior Services Creating Good Jobs as his campaign agenda.

“I have been looking forward every support from all Nepalese in America, besides necessary endorsement of mainstream American Politician,” Bhandari said.
He has been living the American Dream. Born in rural Nepal, his first job was as an English teacher and then principal at a school in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu. He started his American journey as a cashier at a gas station and a restaurant. Amar Bahadur Bhandari, and Kanti Kumari Bhandari, his parents, who has been living in the USA with him for last 5 years donated $4000.00 for his campaign. Mr. Bhandari’s campaign raised over $22 thousands in a single event to be considered front runner in the race over other candidates this evening at a program held at local Nepali Mount Everest Restaurant.
Mr. Carroll Pupa, former President of Linover community association and political activist in Baltimore county area for last 35 years asserted, “Mr. Bhandari is a passionate and a very hard working person and our association is proud to have him as our officer”.

The welcome note was delivered by Dr. Shyam Karki, Assistant Professor at University of Maryland and one of the founders of NRNA and ANA. The Chief Guest Cathy Bevin’s, Council Chairperson/Councilwoman Baltimore County told the gatherings that Mr. Bhandari has been great assert to the district. Additionally other speakers -Terrell Boston Smith- (Executive Vice President of Young Democrats of Maryland, President Baltimore Country Young Democrats)
Greaceann Rebbein- President White Marsh Police Community, Relations Council (WMPCRC)/Director, Board of Director for 6th District Democratic Club Mariga Rao, President Maryland Women- endorsed and supported Mr. Bhandari’s candidacy.

Nepali entrepreneurs Mr. Mohan Thapa, Mr. Amar Channtyal, Mr. Gopal Bisworkarma, Mr. Prem Shrestha, Dr. Shyam Karki, Tirtha Pandey, Dhurba Onta, Mr. Bhandari’s top donors expressed their satisfaction over Mr. Bhandari’s endeavor to integrate Nepalese Community in US mainstream.
Bishow Bikram Shah, Activist, said Bhandari’s candidacy has sent a wave of excitement among the Nepalis in the US. “This also indicates that even we can do something in this far away land,” he said. Noting that around 8 percent of the people in Baltimore County are of Asian origin, Shah said Bhandari could ensure strong electoral backing if he successfully canvases for their support.

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

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