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Mobile, internet use making postal office obsolete in Midwest Nepal

RUKUM: With the growing use of internet and mobile phones, the postal service has shrunk remarkably in the district.
Sending and receiving letters via postal offices has become obsolete after most of the people use mobile phone connected with internet for communications and information sharing. The expansion of the internet service is augmented with the expanding infrastructures.
New and enticing apps facilitated by the internet as Facebook, Viber, and Skype are widely used by the people, especially the youths, because these are convenient, handy and faster than the traditional postal service. The new generation wonders what postal office does.
Staff at Area Postal Office at Rukum East, Rishiram Acharya, informed that the charm the post office once had now declined heavily. “Earlier, the radio listeners used to send their suggestions and creations as letters via the post offices, which is now almost nil,” he reminded.
As a result, the post offices here are limited to the transport of only government documents.
According to Acharya, nearly 2,000 letters were received at the office as recent as seven years back, but now the number declined to 5o to 60 in a month.

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