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Ministry holds consultations on declaration of ‘public health disaster situation’

(A holding area with a quarantine capacity of 115 beds has been constructed at Ranitar in Arun village of Bhojpur to house the citizens rescued from India. There are 40 people from India in the quarantine. Photo: Yuvraj Bishta-RSS)

KATHMANDU:- The Ministry of Health and Population has held consultations regarding declaration of ‘public health disaster situation’ after the surge in the number of COVID-19 cases in the country.
It is said the ‘public health disaster situation’ would be attracted as per the Public Health Service Act, 2075 with the number of COVID-19 infected persons reaching beyond 2,000.
The Ministry’s assistant spokesperson Dr Samir Kumar Adhikari said discussions were held in this context at the Ministry on Wednesday.
“The Ministry has held discussions on the disaster situation after the increase in the number of coronavirus infection cases. However, the decision has yet to be certified,” he said.
The number of COVID-19 cases has crossed 2,300 at present. The COVID-19 Pandemic Health Sector Emergency Plan has determined the epidemic level on the basis of the number of infected persons and the health situation as per the worldwide practice.
The plan states that the pandemic would be termed ‘level 2’ if the number of infected persons reached 2,000 to 5,000 and a ‘public health disaster situation’ could be announced in line with the Public Health Service Act, 2075 in such a condition.

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