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Men seeking divorce in Chitwan

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CHITWAN: The number of men submitting applications at the District Court in Chitwan seeking divorce since the new Criminal Code came into effect last year is more than that of women.
Of the total 845 applications submitted at the District Court, Chitwan, in the last fiscal year, 279 were submitted by men. The increase in the number of men filing application for divorce is attributed to the new Code that allows male partners who are discontent with their females to file for divorce as in place for females.
Advocate Phul Maya Ranabhat shared that since the new Code was implemented, more and more men were seeking legal resources in the domestic dispute and for the second marriage.
The current law has given right to woman to have second marriage once she gets divorce or gets property share. According to advocate Ranabhat, the trend of seeking divorce (with the wife taking care of in-laws at home) is rising from the husbands who return from foreign jobs.

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