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Living Life Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic in Nepal

(Athletes of Karnali Sport Club are providing water and Chiura to the stranded people in the home district Jumla Bus Park on Sunday night. They have been stranded due to the inability of the community school to manage the quarantine in time due to the protest of the locals due to the fear of spreading the disease, Friday, June 19, 2020. Photo: Mandatta Rawal-RSS)

Phurpa Sherpa, KATHMANDU:- At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is raging around the world, Nepalese citizens are going through laborious time because of the lockdown. The Government of Nepal had announced a nationwide lockdown from March 23, 2020 (Chaitra 11, 2076), to fight the global spread of COVID-19. Due to the lockdown orders, youths are more involved in distinctive sorts of social media (Youtube, TikTok, game player unknowns Battleground). Some youths are battling anxiety and depression due to the uncertainty of their future while some are keeping themselves busy with social services.

“After lockdown, I am keeping myself busy in learning things like improving my bike riding skills as there are fewer people and the area is empty,” said Sange Sherpa, a resident of Narayantar, Jorpati, Kathmandu. As I am keen on music, I keep listening, learning music, and playing musical instruments as well.
He added, also utilizing this free time to read the Constitution of Nepal and Nepal Law Commission. As cases in Nepal are constantly increasing I am taking this lockdown seriously as this is the only way to protect each other from coronavirus. Every citizen of Nepal should strictly follow and obey lockdown and help the society and the government to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19. This crisis has caused mental as well as financial problems for many individuals but I am trying my best to move up off this problem. If the lockdown continues for a long time, it is going to be very difficult for middle-class families to survive.
I want to suggest people try and keep themselves mentally fit and make themselves busy by utilizing the free time to learn something new, said Sherpa.
Likewise, Tenzing Doma Sherpa, another resident of Gokarneshwar, Kathmandu said, these days I am involved in household work, helping my mom in cooking and other things. I also have been spending quality time with my family members by talking with each other. Fitness exercises, watching movies, reading books are a few things that have kept me busy during this time.
As a teacher, I am very worried about the student’s study however as schools are closed. Some schools have been providing online classes but it is not reachable to those students who lack an internet connection. During these situations, I urge students and parents to come together and learn at home. They can utilize their time by revising the chapters as well as doing some artwork and helping their parents in their household activities, by which they can continue their learning habits.
In my opinion, the government should provide jobs to people who are jobless so that they do not need to rely on others for food and requirements. I am also worried regarding my sister’s studies as she is losing motivation to study for the board exam of class-11 which has been postponed and the courses are yet to be completed.
According to the Sherpa, her sister is happy that her exam got postponed because of that she gets more time to practice or study at the same time she is sad because they will have to wait long to upgrade another level. She wants lockdown to be over soon so that her board exams can be finished.

Similarly, a local resident of Makalbari, Jorpati, Bina Tamang shared, it is a very tough situation for me right now. Due to the lockdown, my cosmetics shop is in loss and I am unable to manage the rent of both shop and room at the same time. She added, “I am going through laborious time because it is already going to be two months that my shop has remained closed so how can I manage the rents and the other requirements? The shop was my only source of income.” This pandemic has created frustration and anxiety. I can’t even sleep well these days thinking about how the food items in the markets are soaring agro and the financial crisis that will follow.

“I am a bit worried about my study since there are no classes from Tribhuvan University (T.U) because of the lockdown and I recently joined the Master course. If the lockdown extends then it will create more problems for us and now I am feeling quite frustrated,“ said Krisha Lama, a student of MSW (Master in Social Work).

Manoj Shrestha of Kavrepalanchowk, said getting more free time at this age with no work, is making him more lazy, stressed and frustrated. This lockdown has created a lot of uncertainties which has caused a lot of us stress and anxiety. I am trying to stay positive during these unfortunate times.

Sonu Shah – A local residence of Jorpati – Arabank is a BBS 3rd year student of Bajra International college. Despite of his Board Exam coming near he has been inspirational to many peoples. From April 5th to May 7th he has feed over 900 lockdown hit people for daily with the fellow residence of Boudha-Jorpati named – Sundartole Jagrit.
Likewise, he has been awaring people about the corona symptoms and precaution through YouTube channel, participate in Blood Donations, Different Food distribution programme and now he is Volunteering for Society with Gokarneshwor Municipality.
“During this ongoing catosthrope , it’s our responsibility to help as much as we can so did my best to serve my country and will do more and it is my honor,” said Shah.

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