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Litterateurs, political analysts Acharya’s ‘Ganatantra Ko Yatra’ released

KATHMANDU: Litterateurs, political analysts and human right activities have said Nepali Congress leader Narahari Acharya’s book ‘Ganatrantra Ko Yatra’ (Odyssey to Republic)’ has incorporated anecdotal details of painful journey of republic movement in the country.
At the book launching function here on Wednesday, they lauded leader Acharya noting his policies and thoughts have been shaped the NC’s political line albeit he has been cornered in the party.
The book has not only incorporated 250 days jail life of Acharya but also the political journey spanning one aLeader Acharya’s ‘Ganatantra Ko Yatra’ releasednd half decades, the speakers said.
On the occasion, Human Rights activist Krishna Pahadi characterized the book ‘Ganatrantra Ko Yatra’ as a memoir reflecting anal of the history with struggle for republic in Nepal.
He said, “ Acharya was one of the leaders long-term who was put in jail after Magh 19 in course of bringing republic in the country.”
Pahadi said, “We should feel proud of Acharya. More biopic should be written on such persons. People like Acharya are the country assets”. ”
Similarly, political analyst Prof Krishna Khanal recalled that that a wave was surfaced after leader Acharya criticized the then King at a time when he was minister.
Recalling the moment of dispute between husband and wife over the issue of republic, writer and wife of leader Acharya, Sharada Sharma, said the book has reflected family issues along with political issues.
Likewise, writer Acharya said that the letters exchanged during the movement and jail life have been incorporated in around 100 pages in the book.

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