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‘Let’s hold our hands, NRN is getting united to rebuild their motherland’: President Poudel

Purushottam Dhakal, Los Angeles:The president of Non-Resident Nepali National Coordination Council of USA, Dr. Keshab Paudel told that the integrated Nepali diaspora after the devastating earthquake in the motherland are ready to have any leadership role on utilization of the skill, resource, expertise and ability for the reconstruction of Nepal. Being marked on the top among the other Nepali diaspora of the globe, he declared that NRN-NCC of America will soon be established as the center for non-residential’s –movements and he is confident about it. He has expressed it while talking with The Khasokhash Weekly. Paudel told that he is always ready to resolve the current few issues raised inside the NRN-NCC of American, he believes that they can be solved with dialogue and discussion. He claimed that in the near future the NCC of America will definitely integrate all the Nepali American and will return to their motherland for the reconstruction task.
Paudel told that the NRN-NCC of America along with Nepali American is soon going to launch projects in the most affected area regarding the construction of physical infrastructure. He told that for this they will coordinate with their headquarter committee and will join hands with the Government of Nepal. Paudel also reminded that just after the election the committee were engaged in rescue, relief and organizing health camp in the most affected area of the motherland, he urged everyone to get involved in the rebuilding of the motherland through NRN which is one and only common organization of every Nepali-American’s.
As the council is soon going to build the associative structure with consensus and cooperation, so he requested everyone to support the team by making a recommendation of the name of the sincere and best Nepali American for nominating member on Advisory committee and the task force.
He further said that correcting the previous mistakes and moving forward to make the organization to be trusted by each and every Nepali-American there need to erase the win and lose mentality, should come up with positive thinking and there is a need of integration and cooperation among the members.He told that the doors of the NRN-NCC of America is always open for those who is lined up with the above attributes.

He stressed that we are lucky Nepali American who are living in the most powerful and most democratic country, so we need to establish in the mainstream of the society and has to do more for our identity. He remarked that with positive thinking, integration and cooperation among Nepali American it could be only possible. “Here is my humble request to every friend, please leave controversy and conflict and let’s gather under the flag of NRN-NCC of America, we could make the Nepali diaspora best very soon. We could easily establish ourselves in the main stream of society and Shall be able to serve the motherland”, he said.
Paudel expressed his happiness regarding the citizenship provisions included in a draft of a new constitution that non-residential Nepali will get the citizenship without the political rights. As the Motherland is in great need of support during these days the NRN American committee will definitely play a coordination role with any interested helping hand, he furthers stressed. Matching rhymes of one old Nepali national song he further told, “Let’s hold our hands. NRN is getting united to rebuild their motherland.”

Published Date: Saturday, July 4th, 2015 | 09:06 PM

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