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Kollywood Director Deepa Shree Niroula explains: “I am not on a side of making Actor Rajesh Hamal a god”

It has become an old habit of Nepali actor/actress to apologize after speaking without any second thoughts. Few slipped their tongue on the topic of the nation, few on I.Q and few on their words. It’s difficult to find actors who have not been on controversies due to their slip of the tongue.

By Dikshya Tiwari, KATHMANDU: Director of the superhit movie sequel “Chakka Panja” Deepa Shree Niroula got involve in criticism recently after she expressed her opinion on an interview. She questioned about the title given to Actor Rajesh Hamal as a “Super-Star”.She got lots of negative and slang comments from Hamal’s fan.

On Wednesday she wrote a status through Facebook apologizing for her words. She said “I didn’t mean to raise a question about Rajesh Hamal’s Superstar title. He was a Super-Star, is a Super-star, and will always be a Superstar. But being a super-star he has got some duties towards industry and should be able to fulfill it. We all have high expectations from him but I will not make him a god just because he is a Super-Star”. “I didn’t even get to eat bread at Kathmandu during my struggle time. I am a common celebrity for 30 years in this industry and I am in no position to question our legend Actor Rajesh hamal” she added.
She asked forgiveness to all the Hamal’s fans and also said being a lady she read and listened to many slang words and comments which was very difficult for her to digest.”Would you use the same words to your sisters and mother if they made the mistake?” On Deepa Shree’s status.

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