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Kollywood Actress Rekha Thapa on a course of making ‘Zero Figure’

Many people used to call Rekha's older sisters as her younger sisters because of her bulky figure. At this point, she felt that she needed to loose weight and started going to the gym.
Photo shared on Instagram by Actress/Producer Rekha Thapa

By Dikshya Tiwari, KATHMANDU: Most of the young women on today’s date want to have a zero figure. It is believed that having a zero figure makes you work simultaneously and gives you a gorgeous look on any clothes.

Therefore, not only teenagers but also middle-aged women are trying to lose weight. Even Actresses pay special attention to diet to shape their bodies into a ‘zero figure’. They spend hours on the gym sweating off their body.

Actress Rekha Thapa has also been exercising regularly for the past year to make her overweight body into a ‘zero figure’. In the films ‘Palans’, ‘Kali’, ‘Rampyari’, ‘Rudrapriya’, and ‘Malika’, it was commented that she did not maintain her physique. In a recent interview on the subject, she said that in the last 7/8 years, she has gained weight because she ate whatever she wanted without any restraint.

She says, ‘To be truthful, the artist doesn’t get to eat well because he/she has to maintain their body. But, I was not worried about my body in the past 7/8 years. What I believed was that I could bring my body to shape whenever I wanted. Especially since I used to do action films, it looked good when I had a heavy physique. So I didn’t pay attention to the food.

Many people used to call Rekha’s older sisters as her younger sisters because of her Bulky figure. At this point, she felt that she needed to loose weight and started going to the gym. Now she has brought her body in balance. She is slimmer than Rekha Thapa of ‘Kismat’ movie and is exercising inside the compartment of her apartment after the lockdown.

On Tuesday, Actress Rekha Thapa, who has lost 20 kg since she started exercising regularly, posted a picture on Instagram, where she can be seen doing ‘pushups’ while Vijju Parki (Rekha’s personal trainer) is seen doing ‘pushups’ above her body. This picture is a clear indication of the extent to which Rekha is working hard to maintain her body.



“The body is my home, I live in the body,” she wrote in a photo shared on Instagram on Thursday. ‘May the place where I live be healthy in every way. Putting the head on the ground puts pride and arrogance in the right place’ she added. After the lockdown is fully opened, she is said to be busy shooting for a new film. This is also a reason that she is maintaining her figure.

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