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Kollywood Actress Niruta also involved in the superhero controversy

Saying that Rajesh Hamal is the only superhero, audiences insulted Niruta in a comment.
Kollywood Actress Niruta Singh .

KATHMANDU: Actress Niruta Singh was criticized after she posted a status on her Facebook praising Bhuvan KC as ‘the superhero of my dreams’.

She openly praised Bhuvan KC in the status. Social media users extremely were angry at Niruta’s status. Saying that Rajesh Hamal is the only superhero, they insulted Niruta in a comment.

“I never thought I would be able to work with the superhero of my dreams in my first film. I was a big fan of him. When he was new, he helped a lot. That’s why I became a bigger fan of him. I consider myself lucky for this. ‘Niruta even thanked Bhuvan.

After being criticized on social media, Niruta has written another status saying that Rajesh Hamal is the superhero. She even complained by saying that she was expressing her feelings before Rajesh Hamal coming to the Kollywood film industry but people did not understand her.

However, the status focused on the off-topic fact about Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah, who had accused Bhuvan of harassing her, was wrong. Niruta has also made it clear that she didn’t mean to make Bhuvan KC a superhero. Having said that, the intention of the status quo may not be different from the fact that the Samragyee was wrong.
At this time, a big fight is going on between Bhuvan and Samragyee. The war, which started on social media, has reached the court. The controversy erupted after the Samragyee accused Bhuvan of harassment. Some filmmakers have sided with Bhuvan while some have sided with the Samragyee. Now, Niruta is also seen in favor of Bhuvan. While most of the women filmmakers are on the side of the Rajya Laxmi Shah, standing on the side of Niruta Bhuvan has become a topic of discussion.

Published Date: Monday, August 3rd, 2020 | 08:54 AM

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