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KMC performs vasectomy and tubal ligation on 8,000 stray dogs

KATHMANDU: The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has conducted vasectomy and tubal ligation operation on 8,000 stray dogs as part of its dog management and control programme called Manumitra.
The metropolis launched this programme for controlling and managing the population of stray dogs in its each and every ward. The stray dog vasectomy programme was started three years back.
According to KMC, still there are 6,000 stray dogs in the community that need this procedure.
As per a survey conducted by Manumitra, there are 22,000 stray dogs in Kathmandu alone. The survey was done with the technical support of The Jane Goodall Institute Nepal based in Lalitpur. The institute has been working in 30 countries for the protection of pets and wild animals.
“We had conducted this survey in 2016. Out of 22,000 stray dogs identified from the survey, a total 14,000 needed to undergo vasectomy and tubal ligation. We have performed the procedure on 8,000 dogs and 6,000 remain,” said Sangeeta Sapkota, coordinator of Manumitra.
Sapkota said of the 22,000 stray dogs, 8,000 were not fit for surgical contraception either because some were old, some had been suckling milk to pups and some were not mature enough.
Similarly, Manumitra has vaccinated 80 per cent of the stray dogs in Kathmandu against rabies, Manumitra Community Programme coordinator, Basanta Gautam said.
Manumitra picks up dogs need to undergo vasectomy and tube ligation operation on a Friday and performs the procedure at its clinic. After the operation, it marks ‘V’ sign on the dog’s one ear for identification.
The Jane Goodall Institute Nepal had invested in controlling and managing stray dogs in Nepal in 2073BS. KMC had purchased medicine worth Rs 7.2 million for the Institute in 2074BS and it has committed to purchase medicine worth Rs 5 million in 2076BS.
Likewise, Manumitra has constituted a 30-member Animal Management Support Group at all the KMC wards. It has conducted vasectomy and tubal ligation operation on stray dogs in all the wards except at ward nos 2,3,13 and 14.
It has pointed out the need of formulating a policy related to management of stray dogs.

Published Date: Monday, November 11th, 2019 | 06:01 PM

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