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Journey of Lal Bahadur Dhakal (Yogi Shree Shivashaktinath)

Drinking and absorbing the poison of social stigma and accusation easily and simply, without rage, hatred, Yogi Shree late Lal Bahadur Dhakal continued his journey, on the path of duty. He believes that we have to keep moving forward towards our goal, we have to fulfill our duty without any hope. Life should be useful for the benefit of society, for the welfare of human beings. This is the meaning of human life.

By Jyoti Dhakal, KATHMANDU: Late Lal Bahadur Dhakal also is known as Yogi Shree Shivashaktinath is the closest and most loved disciple of Shree Mahayogi Guru Gorakhnath and Paramhamsha Swami Nikhileshworananda. He is the Founder of Gorakshya Nikhil Philosophy. He gave the platform for yoga and meditation under the blessings of two great gurus.

Meditator Lal Bahadur Dhakal (Yogi Shree Shivashaktinath) was a high-ranking householder yogi. Fulfilling his responsibilities towards his family, he immersed himself completely in the path of spirituality (meditation, yoga) and reached the highest peak in spirituality. Even though he reached spiritual heights, possessed millions of perfected powers, his manifestation of pride and arrogance was not seen in his life. He was a very kind and down to earth person. He never presented himself as a teacher. He has always become the guardian of millions of people and played the role of a bridge between the master and the disciple. He was truly an ideal yogi, a supreme devotee of the gurus, and a dear disciple who easily fulfilled all the roles of worldly life and was detached from worldly pleasures.

Gorkha is such a divine and virtuous land where the blessings of Shree Shree Mahayogi Guru Gorakhnath is found. In the beautiful hilly village of Gorkha, Saurpani divine land, Guru Lal Bahadur Dhakal was born. He was born on 29th October 1966 as the son of Father Tek Bahadur Dhakal and mother Ek Kumari Dhakal. Grandfather Dal Bahadur Dhakal (Pavananda) was known as a famous Vaidya and Tantric. His grandfather was a man of many sadhanas meditation), receiving the grace of Mahayogi Guru Gorakhnath. His family environment is fully spiritual. It was a place where many perfect yogis used to travel. It is said that due to this kind of divine attitude, Guru Lal’s childhood was deeply imprinted with spirituality in his brain.

Hundreds of people have returned daily benefiting from his grandfather’s divine wisdom grace and blessings, and the imprint of social service and public welfare seems to be on him for the rest of his life. Guru Lal had received hundreds of divine mantras from his grandfather in his childhood and had been using them successfully since childhood. His Grandfather had predicted that Lal Bahadur Dhakal would become a high yogi in the future. In this course, in 1993 the program conducted in Kolkatta he met Venerable Sadgurudev Paramhamsa Swami Shree Nikhileshworananda Maharaj (Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali), he became a disciple of him and started to spread the information and idea about Gorakshya Nikhil Darsan. During the ceremony, Sadgurudev gives various spiritual instructions. However, he knows that today I have met the righteous guru in my life. Now I don’t have to wander in search of divine faces. Many years ago, when he was a child, his grandfather had said to him, ‘The guru who will bring up the subject about me is the real master of your life, and he will take charge of your life and give you spiritual elevation.’

During the same meeting, Sadgurudev Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali says,” You are the dear disciple of Shree Shree Mahayogi Guru Gorakhnath”. In the coming days, take Guru Gorakhnath as your guru and move forward on the spiritual path. In this way, the place of two Sadguru comes to his life and he started a new revolution, a new trend of moving forward and advancing in the spiritual journey by considering two people equally as Sadguru. Here, in the highest state of meditation, Guru Gorakhnath gives divine mantra by giving blessings to him and following guidelines from Paramhamsa Swami Shree Nikhileshworananda Maharaj he attained the highest spiritual height, which is far beyond our ability and imagination. Following the Guru’s orders is the ultimate religion of the disciple, harmonizing domestic life and spiritual journey, he remained detached from all worldly deeds and reached that distant world of consciousness, culminating in knowledge and exaltation.

It is not so easy and simple to complete the spiritual journey according to the Guru’s order in worldly life, to stay in the disciple religion, and to guide the society moving in the opposite direction by coordinating with materialism, to lead on the spiritual and Guru’s path. For which a huge heart, determination, deep faith in the Guru, and trust is important. Burning from the storm of material life, burned and rested by the Guru, Yogi Lal Bahadur Dhakal became a jewel. He gave a new dimension to the society spiritually. Drinking and absorbing the poison of social stigma and accusation easily and simply, without rage, hatred, he continued his journey, on the path of duty. He believes that we have to keep moving forward towards our goal, we have to fulfill our duty without any hope. Life should be useful for the benefit of society, for the welfare of human beings. This is the meaning of human life.

Guiding the mass to the spiritual heights by following two Gurus, he taught the divine and higher disciplines such as meditation, yoga, reiki, lama phera, sawar vidya, atma jagran vidya, kundalini dikshya, kriya yoga dikshya, mantra, tantra, Samadhi, astrology, Ayurveda for human welfare. He provided millions of mantras of meditation, methods for the people who are confused in the material world. Thus, despite being the master of many achievements and powers, he never declared himself as a master. He played the role of a bridge connecting millions of disciples with Sadguru while remaining a disciple. He dedicated himself to the Guru and the Guru’s order. This is the highest ideal of the Guru-Shisya tradition.

Created from the austerities of Shree Shree Mahayogi Guru Gorakhnath, Navnath became the representative of the Savar Structure Shakti Kendra, the divine abode of Nath powers. He came in the form of Yogi Shivashaktinath (Guru Lal Bahadur Dhakal) to give concrete form to the structure. He has tried all his life to become a bridge between master and disciple and lead many seekers to the absolute light of spirituality. The spiritual seed sown in the dormant minds of the disciples will surely become a tree of light of much rare knowledge of many transcendental worlds in life. His life was simple but mysterious and very struggling. But he never gets tired of life’s struggles. Unfathomable knowledge of spirituality, devotion to the Guru, subtle approach to things, renunciation, sense of human welfare, deep faith in human religion, tolerance, patience, belief in a simple and simple life, etc. are the collective qualities of him. Simple, selfless, happy in oneself, always focused on solving people’s problems, dedicating one’s life to Guru, and human welfare is the reason why Humanity is still alive in this world.

In the later stages of life, he was immersed in spiritual depths and while embodying the master plan, he set out on a foreign trip i.e. a visit to Russia. Providing national and international meditations, sadhanas, and innumerable initiations of spiritual elevation, he was preparing the groundwork for the spiritual awakening and the implementation of the Gorakshya Nikhil philosophy in the society. The program of Russia as established as the last program for this material life of the revered Yogi Shree Lal Bahadur Dhakal, who dedicates his life to the plan of Sadguru.

Guru Lal Bahadur Dhakal  with his Russian students
Spiritual awakening and the implementation of the Gorakshya Nikhil philosophy in Russian society

On the day of 24th January 2012, while performing his spiritual duty, he sacrificed his physical body by exposing variously hidden and often lost disciplines including meditation, yoga, and reiki, sowing its seeds in the society and establishing it. While immersed in Samadhi, he refused to return to the material body. After immersing oneself, in the bliss of Samadhi, realizing that the purpose and significance of being born in a material body to have been fulfilled, the soul no longer feels the slightest sorrow to leave the material body after receiving the Guru’s command.

Yogi Shivashaktinath is the beloved disciple of the Sadgurudev. He is the source of many achievements, strengths, and abilities. What can we know about him and what can we write about him? In the end, Late Lal Bahadur Dhakal was a divine soul with a beautiful heart and will be forever in our hearts.


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