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Janakpur is source of inspiration for world: President Bhandari

DHANUSHA: President Bidya Devi Bhandari has expressed her confidence that the Janaki festival, the special celebrations of the Mithila region, would help further consolidate the socio-cultural relations, national unity and national integrity.
While addressing the Janaki birth anniversary celebrations at the Janaki Temple, organised by the Janaki Main Celebrations Committee on the occasion of the Janaki Nawami today, the President said she was delighted by the visit to the Janaki temple where she performed a puja and offered prayers. On the occasion, she described the temple as the epitome of the unique Maithili art, architecture and culture.
Expressing her hope that the cultural festival organised on the premises of Naulakha Temple based in the birthplace of Sita which is of archeological importance would further help strengthen the feelings of ‘Basudhaiva Kutumbakam (co-existence of all)’, the President asserted that it was the duty of all to protect and promote the art and tradition, and such responsibility was passed on to the present generation by our ancestors.
She said, “The importance of this holy shrine from where the Videh Rajarshi Janak and Maharshi Astabakra had spread the light of knowledge and the message of peace and tolerance will remain for eternal time.”
According to her, the knowledge imparted and promoted by scholars of ancient time here is equally relevant and many issues of the present society can be easily addressed if such knowledge was adopted and promoted.
“It is matter of concern that some incidences of social misconducts and discriminations are pervasive in the Mithila region which was rich and in the lead in terms of education and civilization even at ancient times, The Head of the State said and reminded that our combined efforts were essential to end such unwanted practices.
The Mithila, the place where female great scholars like Gargi, Maitraeyi and Anusuya were born, educated and had practiced and shared their knowledge, remains as a holy shrine and is an inspiration for the entire world. The Janaki Temple is the country’s historic cultural heritage. This sacred cultural touristic site is the place of origin of the Veda and is incomparable, the President mentioned.
Remembering the preeminent personalities of the Mithila literature like Jyotishwor Thakur and Mahakavi Bidyapati, the President stressed that that more dedication from all quarters was required for the promotion and prosperity of the Maithili language and literature.
Pointing out important contribution of the lands in Mithila to agriculture, the President lamented that the lands are now lacking production and productivity due to various reasons.
She stressed the need for excessively utilising this arable land by means of its modernisation and commercialisation while maintaining ecology through the conservation of the Chure area.
The President also underscored the need for the concerned authorities to focus on protecting and conserveing Janaki temple, physical infrastructure of the area and water resources. She praised the campaign of ‘Beti Bachau, Beti Padhau’ (Save daughter, educate daughter’) as being implemented effectively in the area.
Likewise, Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport Raghubir Mahaseth underscored the need for help from all to enlist Janaki Temple in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Chief Minister of State 2 Lalbabu Raut said the state government would do its best to develop the temple, while emphasising the need to celebrate Janaki Nawami as a national festival.
Likewise, mayor of Janakpurdham sub metropolitan city Lal Kishor Sah said Janaki Nawami has much importance for the inhabitants of Mithila.
Likewise Jagat Guru Dr Krishna Das Maharaj and Ram Roshan Das, assistant Mahanta of the temple, stressed the need for conserving and developing the temple. RSS

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