Now, even as my positive feelings about the past administration of Trump remain, I have developed negative feelings about him, after watching the way Trump conducted himself and spoke against the election verdict.
(Trump supporters try to break through a police barrier, Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, at the Capitol in Washington. As Congress prepares to affirm President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, thousands of people have gathered to show their support for President Donald Trump and his claims of election fraud. AP Photo: Julio Cortez)

Certainly, I was one amongst those who have been seeing the positive aspects of the Trump administration during the last four years, applauding him whenever his decisions deserved. Most of the steps initiated by Trump have been in tune with the poll promises he made and none of his decisions were against the interests of the USA. Even his worst critics should recognize this, though they do not do so.

Of course, the COVID 19 crisis brought Trump’s administration to a crisis point, though I believe that no other President could have handled the grim situation better. The crisis was overwhelming and came without a warning, with everyone including the medical researchers being at a loss, not knowing how to tackle the grave situation. The ground reality was that no drug or vaccine was available for treating this virus and there was even considerable confusion about what type of virus it was and how it originated.

I have not been a follower or admirer or blind supporter of Trump. But, I was only trying to be fair in my judgment about his administration. I honestly believed that Trump deserved a second term. However, the citizens of the USA decided otherwise during the Presidential election.

Now, even as my positive feelings about the past administration of Trump remain, I have developed negative feelings about him, after watching the way Trump conducted himself and spoke against the election verdict.

While Trump thinks that the election was rigged leading to his defeat, most Americans do not think so and most people in the world do not think so. The positive feelings towards Trump would have been strengthened, if he had gracefully accepted the defeat and greeted the winning candidate Joe Biden. Unfortunately, Trump behaved in a graceless manner, unbecoming of a US President. He is reacting like a street urchin.

In the process, he belittled the glorious traditions of American democracy in the eyes of the world and has done incalculable harm to the reputation of America. Now, it will take a very long time for the USA to retrieve its image as a vibrant democracy and a country of educated and thinking people.

As a climax to the hate campaign of Trump after the election, the riot in Capitol Hill took place. Though Trump has been saying that the riot were due to the spontaneous angry outbursts of his supporters, nobody believes him.

On the other hand, most people think that Trump instigated the riot, which made everyone wonder whether Americans erred seriously when they elected him as President, Now, it appears that Trump would not relax or reconcile and would use his supporters to put many stumbling blocks in the administration of Joe Biden. Today, most of Americans and people in the rest of the world look at him as a villain with a vengeful attitude.

It is now feared that the supporters of Trump would hold violent demonstrations in different cities in the USA when Joe Biden would be sworn in as next President. This may or may not happen and maybe an exaggerated fear. However, the fact that such fear is existing speaks volume about the suspicion prevailing amongst the people about the motives and intentions of Trump, which clearly indicate the steep decline in his image all over the world.

At least now, wisdom should prevail in the mindset of Trump and he should stop lecturing about the so-called angry protests of his supporters. He should condemn the act of his supporters forthwith and apologize to the nation for the behavior of his supporters.

In a noisy and free country like India and the USA, which some critics describe as chaotic democracies, it is not difficult to motivate or organize a group of people to hold demonstrations or protest meetings. The majority of people do not approve of such behavior of a group of people whatever may be the cause,. But, such protestors get huge media publicity which creates a false impression that the country is in turmoil.

What the USA needs today is that Trump must withdraw from his political activities and say so openly.

Otherwise, it will be a case of Trump versus the future of America, Future of America is too important a matter and it cannot be left to suffer at the mercy of a violent crowd or a politician with a virulent mindset.

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