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“Internet; a boon for Nepali youth if treated as an opportunity”, says Entrepreneur, Mr. Anup Ghimire

It’s crucial now that we take the broadband connectivity to every corner of Nepal. It’s because, we need smart entrepreneurs who automate small basic things.

Hopeless by the never ending sad; or rather depressing news in online/offline medias, youth in Nepal have made a slang infamous, “Hami Yestai Tah Ho Ni Bro” which literally translates as, “We are like this only, Bro”. The status of slow progress in development sector does lead one to easily conclude that the progress in Nepal is impossible.
Therefore, in an environment with minimal positive lights, I am happy to have met and chatted with an exceptionally optimistic entrepreneur in Nepal, Mr. Anup Ghimire.

Mr. Anup Ghimire, a social media strategist, successfully runs his company “View Finders” which has lately become an overnight success. This “happy goes lucky” young man hails from Bhairahawa and is responsible for making Wedding Dreams Nepal and Comedy Circle major hits. You probably have been living under a stone if you are still scratching your head to recall these companies. Henceforth, any Nepali (especially youth) who has been struggling to start business may actually find enough motivation from this interview.

From Ghimire’s own words, “View finder is a multimedia company which focuses on building in-house brand on different social media platforms.” He adds, “We also help other businesses to design, develop, and distribute contents as per their specific needs. The companies such as Wedding Dreams Nepal and Comedy Circle are some of our in house brands, which have been touching lives in so many ways”.

When asked how did you come this far, Ghimire with a considerable pause says, “it was not easy”. “Around 5years back as I remember it was in the month of December, the scariest time of my life; I was fighting with my own doubts, if I should go for it, says Ghimire as he responds. “I was quite sure, if I have to stay in Nepal, I need to be doing something considerable. Although I knew I had enough skills by the age of 24, it was difficult to make the final call. So, I simply kept my eyes shut to the thoughts of failure and took a leap of faith in my capabilities” he tells us. “In short if I have to say”, he begins, “I started as a freelancing photographer, build my own team, started working on projects as they came along and as we went visible in the online world we attracted more clients; and that’s precisely how we make money now.”

As I told him, this journey sounds too smooth to believe, he chuckles a bit and starts, “A lot of product that we created over the time did fail, not all of them are successful” He then beautifully quotes himself, “Let me ask you something, what is the best way to make people believe that you are good at something? Isn’t it by doing things again and again? It took us 5 years to reach here.  Isn’t it crazy! Trust me; it is a result of long and constant struggle.”

“Nevertheless, some other products of ours have been successful and now we simply have to show our clients our previous works as there are just too many examples to demonstrate. If they happen to like our works, they stick with us. That’s how it works for photographer and videographer. Your portfolio is your biggest asset”, says this young entrepreneur proudly.

We then diverted our conversation to the possibilities for youth in Nepal in the area of entrepreneurship. Ghimire stresses, “Internet is a best thing that has happened to us and it is a boon for Nepali youth”. It’s crucial now that we take the broadband connectivity to every corner of Nepal. It’s because, we need entrepreneurs who automate small basic things.” Counting figures as he illustrates, he opines, “some successful companies in Nepal such as Sarathi, Pathao, Tootle and others have focused on small things that has changed the lives for better. Further, there are other promising sectors especially in Tourism, yet to be automated. We can work to make that happen in next few years”.

Furthering our discourses to what some of the youth in Nepal have been doing, we went onto picturing the whole idea of development differently. As they say, one size does not fit all. The concept of development that may work for Dubai, United States, Europe or some other developed countries in Asia, might not necessarily work similarly for Nepal. Ghimire with enthusiasm in his tone suggests, “We need to envision a unique concept of development for ourselves”. Giving an example, he continues, “I am sure you have heard of this company called Fuse machines, founded by Nepalese, which at this date employs around 200 people in the country. Interestingly, it works for a US based enterprise, while still providing the Nepalese people employment within the comfort of their own home country. There are so many examples such as these, I am familiar with. On top of that, their profit base amazes me and leaves me in shock, sometimes. That’s one of the reason why, we just need to divert our way of idealizing development.”

Keeping his enthusiasm bit low this time, he says “Although there are millions of possibilities we can work on but it does saddens me when I see the trend of foreign migration in Nepal. The statistics suggests, more than 5 million youth under the age of 24 have migrated abraod in search of good economic and educational opportunities.” Since, these are the population with most energy and losing them is unfortunate for all the areas that we can venture to increase job opportunities. He says another thing that saddens him is the unproductive consumption of internet. He furthers, “I am amused how the worst of some YouTube content has been getting highest of viewer ship”. It worries him, after all we are what we consume.

Lastly, he has few important life tips and suggestions from his own experiences for the aspiring youths. First, “every development around us is done by normal average people. Thus, it is important to realize, “if it’s possible for them, what makes us an exception!” Second, surrounding oneself with the “doers”, in other words; people who are making things happen or ones who have the thrust . The positive energy will certainly widens one’s eyes to broader possibilities. And finally he concludes , “never stop believing in yourself and your dreams”.

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