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Institutional maternity decreases after lockdown in Nepal

KATHMANDU:- The Paropakar Maternity and Women’s Hospital has said that number of institutional maternity has decreased with the lockdown order.
At a regular news conference in the Ministry of Health and Population today, Hospital’s Director Dr Sangita Kaushal Mishra said that the number of women taking institutional maternity service has gone down after the lockdown.
Dr Mishra suggested the expecting mothers to visit the hospitals in case of high fever, bleeding, high-blood pressure and stomach pain as well as for regular checkups.
On the occasion, Mishra urged the expecting mothers to compulsorily visit the health institutions to give birth.
After the delivery, the pregnant women are required to visit the health institutions in the first, third, seventh and 28th days or should seek doctors’ suggestions from telephone.
As per the information shared on the occasion, the Ministry of Health and Population has prepared a guideline for infants on COVID-19 and the pregnant women would be given services accordingly.
Stating that aspiring mothers were not visiting the hospital for regular checkups for the fear of coronavirus spread, Dr Mishra urged such women to visit the doctors regularly by exercising precaution. Such women must carry out their health checkups in third, sixth, eighth and ninth months.
The Hospital’s Director also shared that the coronavirus infected women too can breastfeed their children adding that virus infection was not transferrable from the breastfeeding.

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