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Indian Army Supports Nepalese Monarchy as Solution

By Dirgha Raj Prasai:
‘The secret of getting is ahead is getting started.’ A two-day secret meeting was held between Indian ambassador Jayantaprasad, former and current Indian army generals at Lukhnow headquarters, the infamous anti-Nepalese Indian Prof. S.D Muni, former ambassador K.B Rajan and leaders with keen interest on developments in Nepal but the former Ambassador of Nepal and former Secretary of Indian Govt. Shayam Saran-the most biased and anti monarchist, was not invited there. In that meeting Indian army generals blamed some Indian intellectuals for being responsible for widespread anti-Indian sentiment in Nepal. At the conference they said- ‘Nepalese people feel that Indian intervention has played a role in deposing the monarchy, and declaring Nepal a secular nation.’ They were concerned that it was against the interest of harmonious Nepal-India relationship. They suggested in moving ahead with serious concern. Expressing concern that the instability would pose a threat to Indian security the army generals suggested that the Nepalese Royal institution could also be reinstated. This information was received through online news portals and news published in Charcha weekly on 6th August 2012.

Regardless of what the reality may be the army conference can be said to have produced a positive solution. If fact, in sovereign-Nepal, it is not the concern of Indian army to decide on whether or not Nepal should have a Royal institution. However, Indian security would be directly impacted in case Nepal is crippling under anarchy. So we support that the army of a neighboring nation discusses and emphasizes this reality. Yes! Nepal security forces or Nepal Army also can suggest sometimes for the goodness of India as a nearest neighbor.
Although India has made many mistakes in Nepal the Indian army has realized the threat that may result if Nepal’s governance continues to run under Maoists, NC, UML and some Madhesi leaders. The increasing instability in Nepal has also forced China to reconsider the possible threats to its internal security. It is believed that due to absence of the Royal institution China has increased its activities in Nepal for its security. China has viewed the foreign conspiracy to Christianize Nepal by setting up the republic apparatus and secularism as a means to launch Free Tibet movement to disintegrate China. So in this sense it is right that China should be concerned. Both the nations have started believing that the presence of monarchy in Nepal would contribute to maintaining cordial relation with India and China. Finally we should give continuity to the Royal institution in Nepal to retain our status as a prosperous Hindu Kingdom, a nation of peace, where Lord Buddha was born.

Our country can be set as an example for the world. It is to be noted that two years ago the infamous anti-Nepal Indian Prof. S.D Muni had sent an email to me- ‘Why is an alert person as you should support reactionary and outdated Nepalese Royal institution?’ He wrote to me three or four times. I have kept his messages safe. I had suggested him with argument-’ If Nepal is without a Royal institution China can enter Nepal with its communist ideology. In such a situation not only in Nepal but anarchical Communist system will prevail in India also. With the understanding of the perilous threat hovering above democracy and national culture of Nepal and India, so I have taken monarchy as an alternative power for peace and democratic system.’ After then, S.D Muni did not contact me. Then I sent an email to Sonia Gandhi and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on his 78th birthday: ‘If you want to allow communism to enter in Nepal and India during your term of PM then support republic in Nepal. In such easy situation communism would not only enter in Nepal but India as well. To stop communist system from fostering in Nepal and India, monarchical system is compulsory in Nepal.’ With the email I had sent an article under the headline- ‘Monarchical Democratic System or People’s Republic in Nepal?’ In this regard, I would like to suggest you to search this topic in Google.

The Party leaders the Maoist, Nepali Congress (NC) and UML failed to comprehend Nepal’s sensitivity and historical value and tradition. They came under the spell of power position and money, and in name of Constituent Assembly (CA) to disintegrate the nation. Why did they need a new constitution? The 1990 constitution was drafted by these politicians including the Maoists. Then, 15 years had not elapsed since the drafting of this constitution when these politicians concocted a 12-point understanding to appease Indian intelligence agency-RAW. And then, they launched the uprising for establishing a CA, and a new constitution. After the uprising an agreement was reached with the monarch who reinstated the parliament according to the 1990 constitution. The NC leader Girija Prasad who was the leader of uprising, he took oath of Prime minister at the Royal palace. This agreement was breached by NC, UML and the Maoists. Shouldn’t such culprits be called traitors? If they had acquiesced in an alternate model after failing to promulgate the new constitution in stipulated timeframe of two years they would have saved some dignity. However, their demarche was to go against people’s mandate and to extend the term of CA to four years; but even though they could not draft a new constitution. In spite of this fiasco they still cling on to power.

The so-called leaders in NC, UML, Madhesi parties, RPP and Maoists have fought like dog and cat instigating turmoil in the nation. They have created commotion by indulging in treacherous acts, and yet they are not ashamed. Had they any conscience about morality and character they would not have made the country subject to such plight. Such a shameful act by these contract-leaders is more that what Sikkim’s traitor Lendup had committed. Is it not obligatory upon the state to bring these people to justice or not? With support from the international community the late NC leader Girija Prasad, the leader of Indian intelligence network Krishna Sitaula, Baburam Bhattarai, Prachanda, Madhav Nepal, Subash Nemwang among some 10-15 individuals must be declared Nepal’s top criminals and must be punished.

They never think positively about Nepal’s nationality and democracy. What kind of Nepal do they envision by destroying its identity and bases of its stability? Due to such nonsensical elements that do not understand Nepal’s sovereign prestige, the nation has fallen in danger. This has direct impact on India and China due to which they are concerned. It is the agenda of America, European nations and Christian missions to demolish Nepal. The scale of murder, theft, kidnapping, insecurity, lack and anarchy has highly increased after Nepal became a republic.

In two years republic setup the people have become highly irritated. They are now seeking King Gyanendra’s protection. In view of Nepal’s geo-political scenario that is wedged between two giant nations, it is not plausible to imagine peace and stability in the nation without presence of a permanent head of state. In absence of monarchy the nation will fall victim to internecine conflict between communities in choosing a candidate for the election for the post of president. India, China, America and Christian nations will invest billions to elect a president favorable for them. In this situation the elected head of state will not be of Nepal, but of India, China, America or the Christians. What kind of situation are we to imagine prevailing in Nepal when that happens? We can’t even imagine such a dark future.
These leaders in NC, UML, Madhesi and Maoist parties were never really concerned about the interest of the nation. Now, no one trusts them. Even if these traitors had drafted a constitution it would have lacked people’s support. Can a donkey be turned into cow by bathing? ‘A honey tongue a heart of Gail’ For how long can they lie to people like this? Everyone now knows from where these so called– anti-national revolutionary Maoists Prachanda and Baburam, who donned the mask of democracy, and leaders in NC UML and Madhesi parties– were manipulated. What crime had the 1990 constitution had committed? Why did they need CA to destroy this nation when provisions in the 1990 constitution could have had been amended? These are traitors at the least. They should be brought into the boundary of justice. The Nepalese people should take action against these traitors wherever they are found.
A list of the names of these traitors who were seen at the fore of Nepalese politics after 2006 – Prime Ministers, ministers, secretaries, general directors, project chiefs, contractors and businessmen –must be created. The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) must take action with evidences relating to money these politicians embezzled from the state coffer. The money they embezzled must be nationalized.
The allowances and facilities used by the parliament, CA and cabinet established under the 2006 interim constitution must be returned to the state coffer with strict monitoring. The job the people mandated was not accomplished; and the money collected from people’s sweat and blood cannot be misused at such a scale. A law should be formalized prohibiting the members of parliament, CA and cabinet formed after 2006 from the upcoming election and at least for five years from any election. After the imposition of the controversial interim constitution many state facilities were provisioned, many decisions including the citizenship act. These all must be annulled. Unscrupulous foreign spending and distributing of money and activities must all be stopped. The government must take control of national and international non governmental organizations. A separate department must be established at the Local Development Ministry to manage the spending of these organizations so as to preclude foreign acts of intervention.
The contract leaders that came to administer the nation after 2006 did what they were told by foreign powers, which has harmed Nepal’s prestige. The contract leaders broke constitutional regulations after 2006 that contributed in institutionalizing anarchy. What the Indian intelligence agency ‘RAW’ want? It was the concern of American agency ‘CIA’ and ‘RAW’ to break the nation into pieces through imposition of ethnic federalism, secularism and republic. In this scenario China, mindful of the disposition of the Royal institution, is entering under various pretexts. The high level military officers of the Indian army in awareness of this situation have called for reinstatement of the Royal institution.
In this serious gravity of situation all patriots within political parties, permanent organs of the state, national Army, nation’s sources and people must take initiative. To attain this we must revert back reinstating the 1990 constitution and in the presence of monarch, and then we must formulate a policy of national politics. We can coordinate and maintain balance between Nepal’s nationality, Royal institution and democracy to give a right path for the nation.
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For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

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Information for Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point
Information for Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point
Information for Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point