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I am not God, nor bad: Rajesh Hamal

'Many viewers not only call me a 'superhero' but god too.However, I am not a God. Someone who doesn't like me has said that I am not an artist. But, I am an artist. '

KATHMANDU: Actor Rajesh Hamal, who has spent three decades in the Nepali film industry, is currently at the center of the discussion. Deepashree Niraula, a one-time actress and director of the ‘Chakka Panja’ series, questioned Hamal’s title in a television interview and said, “Who is the superhero?” due to which social media users in the country and abroad lashed out at her.

After two / four movies became hits, obscene insults were hurled at Deepashree on social media saying that her pride increased. She also apologized to Hamal’s fans by posting her status on Facebook after the comments that her character was killed. Still, the mob was abusive. After Hamal himself apologized to Deepashree, the issue is now almost settled.

After the ‘Super-Star’ controversy came to the surface, critics have questioned on what basis Rajesh Hamal is entitled to ‘Super-Star’. He is accused of making a small number of memorable films, not immersing himself in any film, not fulfilling his responsibility towards the society as an actor, etc. He is not qualified for the title of ‘Superhero’.

Commenting on the title of ‘Mahanayak’, actor Hamal said in a television program that he would not consider himself a god even if the title or praise gives him energy and encouragement. Remembering how many viewers called him not only a ‘superhero’ but also a god, he said, ‘But I am not God. That illusion should not be created. ‘

‘When I reach the corners of Nepal, they say you are God. This is their respect for me. That gives me energy. There is no illusion that I am that, ‘he said, recalling an incident in Jhapa.’ I stayed in Jhapa for 15/20 days to shoot a film. There was a festival at that time. The women there brought a plate of worship. There was a photo of two / three gods with me. ‘

Actor Hamal has said that one should not be disappointed if one is great and hated. He says that there should be a balance between praise and criticism in an artist. He also suggests taking up his profession honestly. However, he argues that the profession should never be taken seriously. He says that man should take his humanity seriously.

“I have never taken the title of ‘superhero’ seriously,” he said of the title. That is the compliment given to me. But, I have not forgotten who I am. Many viewers not only call me a ‘superhero’ but god too.However, I am not a God. Someone who doesn’t like me has said that I am not an artist. But, I am an artist. ‘

Actor Rajesh Hamal has said that he will not take both the praise and criticism he gets seriously. He added, “Who doesn’t like a good compliment?” If you do something and someone applauds, who doesn’t like it? The main purpose of that praise is to motivate you in your work. ‘

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