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House Committee Instructs Government To Rescue Stranded Nepalese Abroad In One Month

More than 68,000 Nepalese Desperately Waiting For Rescue Flights In UAE, Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait and Malaysia
(The Nepali Embassy in Oman on Friday sent 165 Nepalis (39 women and 126 men) to Nepal on the fifth flight. The embassy confirmed that the PCR report of the passengers and crew members was negative. So far, 830 Nepalis living in Oman have been repatriated to Nepal as per the criteria set by the Government of Nepal on the minimum airfare through five rescue flights after the Kovid-19 epidemic. Photo: Courtesy: Embassy of Nepal, Muscat)

N24 Staff Writer, KATHMANU:- The House of Representatives’ Industry, Trade, Labor and Consumer Rights Committee has instructed the government to rescue all Nepalese, who have been stuck and stranded abroad in maximum one month.

The Committee issued the instructions following a meeting with the Minister for Labor, Employment and Social Security, Rameshwar Raya Yadav and officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) on Sunday, September 13, 2020.

The government has, so far, rescued more than 60,000 Nepalis from abroad. However, still thousands of Nepalese are in dire situations waiting for a rescue.

According to MOFA officials, more than 47,000 Nepalis in United Arab Emirates (UAE) expressed their desire to return to Nepal. Among them, only 17,000 have been rescued till today and more than 30,000 Nepalis are still waiting for their rescue flights.

The numbers of Nepalese in similar situations waiting for a rescue are more than 13,000 in Saudi Arabia, 11,000 in Qatar, 3,000 in Kuwait and 7,000 in Malaysia.

“In total, we need to rescue more than 68,000 stranded Nepalese from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Malaysia alone,” said Harish Chandra Ghimire, Joint Secretary at the MOFA.

The delay in rescue works has been mainly attributed to the lack of coordination among government bodies and a very minimum per day “rescue quota” under which only 500 to 800 Nepalis can be brought back to Nepal in one single day.

“The government bodies have not been able to rescue Nepalese effectively and as expected. The Committee’s attention has been seriously drawn towards this fact and this is the reason for issuing the instant instruction to the government,” said House Committee chair Bimal Prasad Srivastav.

Earlier, in Saudi Arabia, stranded Nepalis waiting for rescue flights resorted to protests chanting slogans against the government. Similar resentments were reported in other Gulf countries as well.

“We are in the implementation phase of our rescue flights. We are seriously working on this front,” said Minister Rameshwar Raya Yadav during the meeting.

Published Date: Sunday, September 13th, 2020 | 08:50 AM

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